In Vino Veritas (trope)

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Synonym(s)Confessions under the Influence
Related tropes/genresFever Dream
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Fanart for the Merlin story Truthspell. Arthur confesses his personal secrets under the influence of a truth spell and Merlin is there, listening to all of it. (art by tinnny)
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In Vino Veritas, or Confessions Under The Influence, is a trope in fanworks (which also occurs in canon), where under the influence of drink, drugs, truth serum, truth spell or the like, one character confesses to lust or love[1] for another character. The character who the confession is about is usually also present in the scene/being confessed to and is often less or not under the influence. A common trope is for the confessing character to forget their confession and the other character having to deal with this new knowledge without giving themselves away.

The confession under the influence frequently, though not always, leads to first-time happy endings.


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  1. ^ Or in the cases of certain characters -- why hello there, John Sheppard! -- any feelings at all.