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Synonyms: Hallyru, Korean Wave
See also: K-pop, Kdrama, Manhwa
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"Hallyu" or "Hallyru" refers to the "Korean wave." That is, the increasing popularity of South Korean pop culture throughout the world. [1] [2]

Hallyu and North America

The Korean Music Festival has been held in Southern California since 2003, and has featured many big name artists, such as BoA and Rain. [3]

Several Korean entertainers are trying to break into the American market. They include:

  • Singer BoA's American debut single, "Eat You Up," dropped in 2008.
  • Singer Se7en planned to release an album in the U.S. [7]
  • Girl group Wonder Girls have released an English version of their hit song, "Nobody." They were the opening act for two of the Jonas Brothers' concerts. [8]


History; Fan culture; Reaction to the fandom (is there a version of "weeaboo" directed at fans of Korean media? etc); Crossover with Japanese based fandoms?

Expand: fan activities include icons, gossip blogs, download communities for dramas and music, fanfic.


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