Grope Flashback

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Title: Grope Flashback
Publisher: Ann Looker
Date(s): May 1980
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Grope Flashback is a slash and explicit het Star Trek: TOS fanzine. It contains 80 pages of reprints from Grope and More Grope.

The creators describe it as "turgid tales of tumescence and torture, often both at once!"

It is a sister zine to Alnitah, and eight other "Gropes".

Contents of Grope Flashback

The Gropes


Reactions and Reviews

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[zine]: All are long out of print and difficult to obtain. I sincerely hope that #8 won't be the last, since I quite enjoy the sly humor and artwork, and the offbeat but mature writing. You won't find any too serious/dramatic, overwritten, overly sentimental, sophomoric tear-jerkers here. The editor herself said, in the "Editor's Postscript" to SON OF GROPE: "...the zine as a whole is not meant to be taken seriously, though certain individual stories may bring a tear to the eye, a lump to the throat, a wrench to the gut, or up yesterday's dinner! GROPE began as a light-hearted romp and, I hope, will continue in that spirit. The stories and not necessarily reflect the views of the editor nor are they intended to present a workable Star Trek universe—not even I think that the big E can function with its First Officer permanently on heat!" Some American readers may find some of the British writing hard to get used to. It should be noted, too, that the majority of stories are not K/S. In this case, the ability to appreciate Infinite Diversity certainly pays off! [1]


  1. ^ from Not Tonight Spock! #8