Give 'em Hell, Kid

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Title: Give 'em Hell, Kid
Creator: Cynthia Shannon
Date(s): July 1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
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Give 'em Hell, Kid is a Star Wars essay by Cynthia Shannon that was published in Jundland Wastes #3. It has the subtitle "The Skywalker/Solo Team in Star Wars Fanfiction."

The essay explores the relationship of Luke and Han in fan fiction. It uses four stories as examples to explore the themes of Han's "big brother" protectiveness of Luke, and of Luke's growth and maturity, much of which as to do with his friendship with Han.

The four fanfics are: Foreshadows in Skywalker #4, "Kinmeet" in Galactic Flight #2, "The Payoff" in The Jedi Journal #2, and "Birds of a Feather" in Warped Space #43.


In the movies and in fan fiction, Solo is the catalytic that must be present and near Luke in order for things to go in the Rebel's favor. Luke may be the central figure in the saga, but he needs Solo at his side -- protecting him and helping him. Their relationship in fanfic has grown to accommodate this fact. They both realize, in fan fiction and the movies, that there is an unwritten law that states they must take the same path from now on.