Forever Knight: A comparison of two virtual continuations

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Title: Forever Knight: A comparison of two virtual continuations
Creator: Amelia Schaffer
Date(s): July 30, 2009
Medium: on-line essay
Fandom: Forever Knight
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In "Forever Knight: A comparison of two virtual continuations", Amelia Schaffer compares and contrasts the two virtual seasons that have been written for Forever Knight: V4S and FK4.

The essay includes the following descriptive comments:

  • In many ways, V4S is more like ordinary fanfiction than many virtual series and virtual continuations that came after it. [...] [E]ach episode is written as a prose story, and take (sic) advantage of the way the prose form can reveal things that a television script cannot. The episodes are also not a uniform length. Because of its format and tone, V4S, although an excellent fan continuation, has a very different feel than the actual show.
  • FK4, on the other hand, was written more like a real season of Forever Knight that might have been aired. [...] Interestingly, although its format is more like an actual television series, every episode was written by a single author, Greer Watson. This is much unlike the collaborative television format.

Schaffer also discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each of the series, criticizing FK4 for not providing "a satisfactory ending to the series", and praising V4S for "setting up an ending that, within the context of the series, seems to make more sense".