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Title: FK4
Creator: Greer Watson
Date(s): FK4: written 1996-2004,
      posted to website 20/Oct/2004 - 8/May/2005
website: 2004 - present
Medium: virtual season in modified script format
Fandom: Forever Knight
External Links: FK4
Screen capture of the intro page to FK4.
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FK4 is a virtual fourth season for Forever Knight, written by Greer Watson. It comprises a full season of 22 episodes in a modified script format.

FK4 is based on the premise that the series finale, "Last Knight", never took place; and therefore continues the Forever Knight storyline using essentially the same regular cast as Season Three. There is somewhat greater continuity between the episodes than in the actual series; however, aside from the two-part season premiere, each episode is essentially self-contained, as in canon.

At the time Forever Knight was on the air, Greer was not part of organized FK fandom, nor online. As with a number of other fan writers, the impetus to write Forever Knight fiction came from her dissatisfaction with the series finale; and her first script was an alternative ending. She then went on to write several additional stories, initially also as full scripts, before devising a more satisfactory format for "transcribing" episodes that would never be filmed. Eventually, the number of episodes she had written inspired her to develop them into a full virtual season.

FK4 was written between 1996 and 2004. In all, twenty-two episodes written in a modified script format comprise the full fourth season. Each episode includes notes and TV Guide-style blurbs, as well as other ancillary material.

After going on line and discovering Forever Knight fandom, Greer gave her Season Four the name "FK4" to distinguish it from another virtual Season Four for the series, generally known as V4S. FK4 made its debut on 20 October 2004, running until 8 May 2005. Each episode was announced Sunday night on [email protected], and then linked in to the episode guide on her website so that readers could access it. New episodes appeared more or less weekly, with a hiatus in the fall for War 12, another for Christmas, and sufficient skip weeks to simulate the schedule of an actual television season.

Because for a number of years, FK4 and its ancillary pages comprised the whole of Greer's website, the website itself is also usually referred to "FK4", although today it includes her other fan fiction as well.


The shift to a modified script format is described thus in the Forever Knight Wiki:[1]

Greer was, however, finding frustrating the attempt to visualize action on the sets employed in filming the series. Some portions of the sets had rarely been in shot; and the action of the camera distorted the layout of the various areas within a set. For this reason, during the spring and summer of 1997, she took the time to run through her tapes of the series in order to piece together what the actual sets must have looked like.

With this additional detail, it became possible to visualize more accurately the exact movement of the actors through the sets and the camera angles that would be employed—or would have been employed had the stories she had written not been fan fiction. She wished to add this additional detail to her stories in order to aid in visualizing what would be seen if it had been filmed, so that the reader would be able to watch the story mentally, as if it were on a television screen. This degree of detail is not included in professional scripts, which are antecedent to the actual directing and filming of a television series. Including it therefore resulted in a significant modification of the canonical full script format, not least in length. Scripts in the modified format are typically 115 to 120 pages in length.



Characters in FK4

The regular cast from Season Three appear in FK4: Nick Knight, Natalie Lambert, LaCroix, Tracy Vetter, Capt. Reese, and Vachon, with the last now appearing in every episode. In addition, Urs became a regular character; and Janette was a recurring guest in the first half of the FK4 season, becoming a regular with the Christmas episode.

Recurring characters from previous seasons include Screed, Bourbon, and Barbara Vetter (Tracy's mother). Recurring guests include Divia, Don Schanke (in a flashback), and Fr. Rochefort (from the episode "For I Have Sinned").


Generally PG, some episodes are 14+. The Canadian television rating system is employed.


The following are the 22 episodes, in order, along with their ratings and TV Guide-style blurbs:

  • FK401: Dawn of a New Knight:
    Season premiere. Nick and his partner Tracy investigate a gay-bashing in High Park; a hijacking threatens the vampires of Toronto. Rated: PG
  • FK402: Sang Ordinaire
    Conclusion. Nick persists in working on the hijacking case, neglecting the murder he's supposed to be investigating. Rated: PG
  • FK403: Crimson Joy
    Red roses are sent to a murdered prostitute; Nick dreams of Janette; Tracy gets increasingly curious about her partner's secrets. Rated: 14+
  • FK404: Night Vision
    Nick is suspended after shooting a black suspect in the back; Vachon recalls his arrival in Toronto with his friends Urs and Screed. Rated: PG
  • FK405: Glowing Embers
    An arson murder reminds Vachon of the Great Fire of London; Tracy has Sunday dinner with her mother. Rated: PG
  • FK406: Requiescat in Pace
    Nick investigates a suspicious car accident; Tracy tries to pump Natalie for information about Nick's past. Rated: PG
  • FK407: The Kiss of Death
    A woman is stabbed on the dance floor of the Raven; Nick recalls his relationship with Janette in the Renaissance. Rated: PG
  • FK408: Death Shall Be No More
    A frozen body is stolen from cryonic storage; in early 19th century Edinburgh, a medical researcher helps Nick in his search for a cure. Rated: PG
  • FK409: Walk Out Once More Beneath the Sun
    An attack on an accused Nazi war criminal results in the death of an innocent bystander. Rated: PG
  • FK410: Hunt the Hunter
    A vampire hunter stalks the Raven. Rated: PG
  • FK411: Twelve Nights of Christmas
    Seasonal episode. A friend of Natalie's goes mysteriously missing; Tracy throws a Christmas party. Rated: PG
  • FK412: The Arcane Art
    Police besiege a downtown high school after an evening class is taken hostage. Rated: PG
  • FK413: Broken Hearts
    Nick investigates a hit-and-run murder, while Tracy's uncle waits for a heart transplant. Rated: PG
  • FK414: A Richer Dust
    The body of a Quebec separatist politician is found in the trunk of a car in Toronto. Rated: PG
  • FK415: A Pure Woman
    A hotel employee is found shot in one of the guest rooms; Urs remembers Vachon teaching her about vampires when she first came across. Rated: PG
  • FK416: The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge
    A high school hockey player is found beaten to death in an alley; an old friend visits LaCroix. Rated: 14+
  • FK417: Daddy's Girl
    A lawyer is shot dead while defending a man accused of incest. Guest-starring Kathryn Long as LaCroix's daughter Divia. Rated: 14+
  • FK418: Blood Thirst
    A case that Nick worked with his first partner is reopened when new evidence links it with a series of similar killings outside Toronto. Guest-starring John Kapelos as Det. Don Schanke. Rated: PG
  • FK419: Tangled Web
    Nick tries to avoid meeting Tracy's Uncle Sam, whom he met in San Francisco in the seventies; Vachon recalls his hippie days. Rated: 14+
  • FK420: Confession is Good for the Soul
    Conclusion. A priest refuses to break the seal of the confessional even to catch a serial killer. Guest-starring Michael McManus (Lexx) as Father Rochefort. Rated: PG
  • FK421: Cover Story
    While Natalie is at a conference, the body of a vampire victim is autopsied by another pathologist. Rated: PG
  • FK422: Chef's Special
    Season finale. Tracy goes celebrating, but finds murder; Nick believes he is finally regaining his mortality. Rated: PG


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