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Title: Forever Knight Virtual 4th Season, V4S
Creator: various
Date(s): 31 Oct 1996 - 1 Mar 2001 (unfinished)
Medium: virtual season (prose)
Fandom: Forever Knight
External Links: V4S index Episodes 1-18, Episode 19
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V4S—more formally called the Forever Knight Virtual 4th Season—is a series of fan fiction stories written as a fourth season to continue the television series Forever Knight. Although a full 22-episode season was planned (and all stories were assigned to writers), only 19 episodes were actually completed.

The episodes in V4S were first posted to the FKV4S-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU mailing list before being archived. Episodes 1-18 are archived on www.fkfanfic.com (see the index to episodes). Episode 19 is archived on the FTP site.

V4S was planned collectively by a group of fans; but the actual episodes were written individually. To ensure consistency, story ideas first had to be submitted to a committee, which then figured out which ideas would best suit being the next episode. The writer then produced an outline, which was critiqued by the committee (and revised if necessary), before submitting the actual story, which itself would be critiqued and revised. As such, the individual episodes—as well as the entire season—were a collaborative process that was often frustrating and time-consuming.[1]

V4S is based on the premise that the events of "Last Knight" (the series finale) did occur, so that the virtual season takes place subsequently. In V4S, both Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert survived "Last Knight", though their relationship was adversely affected by events. However, Tracy Vetter still died; therefore, in V4S Nick has a new partner, Adam Sakai.


Forever Knight: A comparison of two virtual continuations is a review by Amelia Schaffer (see here) that compares V4S with the other virtual fourth season for Forever Knight, FK4.

Episodes in V4S

  1. "Resurrection" by Susan M. Garrett
  2. "The Other Side" by Sandra Gray
  3. "The Outcast State" by Tigon Diana Hooker
  4. "Of One Mind" by Sorcha O'Faolain
  5. "Christmas Knight" by Beth A. Washington
  6. "A Taste of Rebellion" by Libby Singleton
  7. "A Dish Best Served Cold" by Elizabeth Ann Lewis
  8. "A Question of Faith" by Sarah Baker
  9. "The Nature of the Beast", Part One, by Susan M. Garrett
  10. "The Nature of the Beast", Part Two, by Susan M. Garrett
  11. "If It Be Now" by Libby Singleton, from a story idea by Sara Orel
  12. "Adam's Apple" by Beth A. Washington
  13. "Presumed Dead", Part One, by Stephanie S. Babbitt
  14. "Presumed Dead", Part Two, by Stephanie S. Babbitt
  15. "Sounds of Silence" by Libby Singleton
  16. "Obsession" by Carrie Krumtum
  17. "Moments of Choice" by Dawn Steele with help from Libby Singleton
  18. "When Darkness Falls" by Libby Singleton
  19. "By The Book" by Beth A. Washington


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