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Name: Flogging Zines
Owner/Maintainer: Lorraine Anderson, Elaine Batterby, and Jan Keeler
Dates: June 1, 2014-
Type: print zine resource
Fandom: multifandom
URL: Flogging Zines: The Source For In Print Zines and stories!, Archived version
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Flogging Zines is a website created as a resource to sell, request submissions, and discuss print zines. It was very short-lived.

From the flyer

"Remember Datazine & Universal Translator? We are them, but now! Are print zines your guilty pleasure? Come to Flogging Zines and browse, contribute, buy, encourage. Do you like stories that have been spell-checked? Beta read? Edited? Not just thrown up on the page 30 seconds after they're finished? Check here first! Are you a zine-ed looking for contributions? Post your fondest wishes for your zine here! Are you a fanfic writer looking for a home for your latest oeuvre? Check out the possibilities here! Got back issues to sell! Flog 'em here! Paper Zines, Oh, Boy!"

From Another Ad

From the MediaWest*Con Post Con Report:
MediaWest*Con 3

Do you remember (and miss!) Datazine? Universal Translator? FYI? The G.A.Z.? Well, Flogging Zines is an effort to something similar ONLINE!

Do you put out an amateur publication? Do you write fanfic? Check us out! No copyright infringement intended, but we want to put zineds in touch with fanfic writers and vice versa, plus put readers in touch with those who have great fanfic aching to be read.

From Lorraine Anderson, Elaine Batterby, and Jan Keeler, concocted in a moment of madness while preparing for MW*C and distilled in giggling meetings at the con. Check out: http://lorrainejanderson.com/Fanzines/

There are sections for both Gen and Slash 'zines. For 'zines published in 2014 and beyond. Please note the site rules. [1]


  • Home
  • Advertise Your New Fanzines Here!
  • Gen Zines
  • Have old Fanzines? Come here!
  • Looking for Contributors?
  • Slash Zines

The Rules

Gen and Slash Zines – Site Rules:

Submissions must include contact information, Zine title, Fandom, and a short description of its contents. In case of multi-fandom, please include all fandoms within the zine.

Must use movie rating system: G, PG, PG-13, R, & X.

Description of zine (or story) cannot include explicit language to describe content – even if the story is explicit in nature.

There will be NO trashing of someone else’s Zine, Story, Editors, Authors; if there is a problem it should be handled between the conflicting parties. We are just an information blog to give everyone the ability to locate items they may not know of. Comments will be moderated.

If you give a link to your site and you sell adult material, it must have a statement if you restrict purchasing to 18 or above, so those seeing the link can proceed at their own discretion.

Please add publishing date to your entries. If they are eligible for the Fan Quality Awards, they will be listed in that section as well for the duration of their eligibility. Currently eligible work had to be published within 2014.

Listing for Fan Q eligible and current issues only; previous issues will be archived as their status changes. Prior issues may be advertised with a link on the links page to the editor’s home site, not to individual issues.

Any zine looking for submissions may post on that particular page. Again, complete description required.

If you have a story looking for a home, there is a page for that, as well. A short description of your story – fandom, rating, gen or slash, etc. – is required, along with contact information. [2]

Similar Projects

Reactions and Reviews

Wonderful! We've needed this for a very long time. [3]
Love this....I've missed the days of having Pop Stand Express, The Monthly, Media Monitor and GAZ available to tell me what zines where in print and especially what were being planned. [4]
As one of the founders of GAZ, thank you, Scott, for remembering it. It was hard to update each issue back in the days when computers were just starting to be common in homes and we were all still using 5.25" floppies. Yikes, that takes me back! And not in a good way! Anyway, it was fun and I'm glad someone has taken up the torch. I'll definitely be listing my zines here! Are we limited to how *many* we can list? [5]
Hey, I know what you mean. Other than my letterzine, The Cannell Files, which I used a computer to create, the only two fiction zines I ever put out were done on an IBM Selectric II, before I ever got my Apple IIe and started doing word processing electronically. Ah, the bad old days... [6]


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