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Name: Media Fen
Dates: July 2009 - July 2010
Type: information resource
Fandom: multi
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Media Fen was created by Melody C. in July 2009 as a central clearinghouse for news about zines and conventions. For the purposes of the site, "media" is being defined as "non-anime fandoms surrounding TV series and movies. Slash, het and gen are all welcome."[1]

The site's editors seek out what information they can to report, but also welcome contributions from other people, including:

new convention announcements, convention updates/progress reports, fanzine announcements, fanzine submission announcements, fanzine publishing announcements, fan gatherings or any "real world" event surrounding media fandom.[1]

The site includes information about cons, fan gatherings, and zines, and links to various fannish resources.

The site went offline permanently in July 2010 due to lack of fan community support.

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