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Pairing: Finn/Rose Tico
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: F/M, Het
Fandom: Star Wars,Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: small
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Finn/Rose Tico is a het relationship from the sequel Star Wars trilogy, of Finn and Rose Tico.


Finn and Rose spend the majority of their respective screen time in The Last Jedi together, bonding during their mission on Canto Bight and Finalizer. At the end of the movie Rose saves Finn from sacrificig himself, confesses her love and briefly kisses him on the lips.

Finn and Rose appear on one of the five official Topps Galaxy of Romance digital cards released in February 2019 (pairs featured on the other ones are Hanleia, Anidala, Kanera and Hanqi'ra)[1], which confirms that Finn returns Rose's feelings.


As of July 2018, there were over 400 works featuring FinnRose on the Archive of our Own.[2] By February 2019, there were over 700 works.[3]

Common tropes & Storylines

  • Many Reylo and Damerey works feature FinnRose as a side pairing.
  • Post TLJ many fics focused on their developing relationship. These works often featured domestic scenes. Other works can be future fics set after the Resistance has defeated the First Order.
  • AUs include Alternate First Meetings, possibly due to the controversy associated with their first meeting in canon.
  • Modern AUs are common in the fandom, and FinnRose works often use this setting too.
  • Finn often takes Rose's family name, becoming Finn Tico.
  • A very small number of works feature the poly pairing Finn/Poe/Rey/Rose, and even smaller number of works feature such poly ships as Poe/Finn/Rose and Finn/Rose/Rey.


Accusations that this ship was problematic and possibly racist arose quickly. Some fans found Finn and Rose's first meeting, where she tazes him to prevent him leaving the Resistance, disturbing. One challenge, Finn Appreciation Week refused to reblog FinnRose submissions because they believed the character of Rose, and this pairing was anti-black. This challenge was also widely criticized and accused of racism for its decision to exclude Rose.

Other fans disliked this pairing, as they feared this could be the endgame relationship, and they had already become invested in other pairings following TFA. All of this occurred in a fandom which has seen accusations of racism toward the characters in this ship, and their actors, before, and led some to view the fandom as toxic.

Kelly Marie Tran's decision to delete her social media accounts, lead to further discourse among those who ship Finnrose and those who don't. While other fans believed much of the controversy stemmed from Anti-shippers, rather than the perceived ship war.

Antis: *spend over 6 months talking about how Rose is antiblack and a bad character, how finnrose is racist, and how Kelly is cringey and evil for shipping Reylo and liking FO characters*

Reylo & Finnrose shippers: *spend over 6 months telling antis they’re wrong and defending both Rose and Kelly*

Antis: Kelly deleted her account! Clearly this is the fault of those evil Reylo & Finnrose shippers.[4]


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Bath time shenanigans? With Finn brushing out her hair after? And admiring as her flipped curls come back as they dry?
Rose hasn't told Finn she's pregnant. Now he's gone, and Poe is gone, and Rey is gone, and something may have gone very, very wrong in their fight against the First Order.
While Rose is recovering from her injuries, Finn discovers a way to raise her spirits.

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