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Synonym(s)Feeding Kink
Related tropes/genresBelly Kink, Fat Fetishism, Weight Gain, Food Kink, Inflation, Vore
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Feedism, also referred to as feeding kink and previously known as feederism, is a sexual kink/fetish related to the arousal of either being fed or feeding someone else, as well as showing signs of having been well fed (e.g. showing a full belly). The kink is frequently associated with fat fetishism and belly kink, and often overlaps with similar kinks, such as inflation and vore. The term can also be used associated with feeding torture or forced feeding, in which a character is forcefully fed by another. The trope is also not isolated to just the feeding of regular food.

In fanworks, characters in ships will often be stuffed with food by their lover. Many of these fics tend to be solely focused on the kink, often being PWP, with other tropes that can show up in these fics including the feeder owning some kind of food eatery like a bakery, alternate universes and noncon.

Since there's a big kink community, which in itself has its focus on real people, it's not uncommon for the names of characters in a fandom to be censored or completely omitted by artists.


  • Feedee - The person or character who is being fed.
  • Feeder - The person or character feeding the other. More Feeder than Feedee tags have been made common on Ao3 as of April 2023, including Feeder Crowley from Good Omens.

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