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Name: Spamton G. Spamton
Occupation: Spam puppet/fraudulent salesman
Relationships: Kris (target), Noelle Holiday (target), Addisons (former coworkers)
Fandom: Deltarune
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Spamton is a boss in chapter 2 of Deltarune.

Canon Overview

Spamton is a Darkner from Cyber World who appears and attacks Kris after the party splits up, during the portion of time when Kris is left alone, pressuring them to pay him and make a "deal" with him. After his battle, he can be found in a shop hidden in the Trash Zone portion, to which Kris must always come alone. Spamton asks for Kris to find a special empty disk in the basement of Queen's castle, and sells them a keygen that will get them there. If the player retrieves this empty disk, Spamton will upload himself onto it and ask for the disk to be returned to its original location. All Spamton-related tasks must be carried out with Kris alone.

If Spamton's errand is carried out, he assumes the form of Spamton NEO (later revealed to be a certain Lightner's unrealized dream created with help from Swatch), but is frustrated to find that even in this form he is still a puppet on strings. He attempts to take Kris' soul instead, but Kris is rescued by Susie and Ralsei, and the three fight him together as the chapter's secret boss. Much like many generic enemies in Cyber World, Spamton can be spared by severing his strings; if the player does this Spamton apologizes for his previous behavior and begs for Kris' and company's help in making him "a real boy". However, whether spared or defeated, Spamton reverts to his puppet form after battle. Like Jevil, whether the player obtains a weapon or armor from him depends on how his battle was cleared.

The alternate route where the player makes Noelle kill Darkners is accessed by the player bringing Noelle to his store, following his instructions to freeze all enemies, and buying the Thorn Ring from him. This leads to him taking over Queen's castle. In this route Spamton NEO serves as the final boss and must be fought by Kris alone. He cannot be spared, and is destroyed when the player summons Noelle to kill him after the Red SOUL makes Kris ineffectually call for their friends to save them.

In NPC dialogue, Spamton is revealed to have originally been an unsuccessful Addison. One day he received a phone call from an unknown person, which made him wildly successful but also twisted his personality, much like Jevil. However, his helper vanished without a trace, leaving Spamton unsuccessful as before. He was meant to be evicted from Queen's castle but was nowhere to be found; his phone was discovered making "garbage noise", which is the same as a sound effect from Undertale of W.D. Gaster speaking, clogging Kris' cell phone is described.

Spamton's dialogue is written in the style of incoherent spam mail advertisements and is full of wiki-style hyperlinks. Rarely he speaks with proper syntax, during which times he appears to be lucid. Kris appears to be frightened of him and becomes inconsolable if allowed by the player to express distress after Spamton's secret boss battle.


Spamton is wildly popular for his creepypasta nature, memeable dialogue, and tragic backstory. Debate rages as to whether Spamton should count as a tumblr(/internet) sexyman or not based on which sections of fandom are thirsty for him and which enjoy him in a not particularly sexual or romantic manner.

The character's popularity led to high fan demand for Fangamer to make an official plush for the 2021 wave of new Deltarune merch. As it is simply not possible to rush production of plush toys in this manner, Fangamer instead released a small grab bag of novelty merch such as pencils and magnets; this sold out rapidly.

Toby commented on this phenomenon, expressing both joy that Spamton was well-received and confusion that he was THIS well-received, much like Sans before him:

I wasn't sure if people besides me would even like Spamton. Some test players seemed to regard him as "I hate looking at him," and "scary."

Now Fangamer's sold out of their Spamton-themed promotional trash and have to order 7 times more to meet demand...

... uh, is that good?

Toby Fox, @tobyfox on Twitter. Nov 26, 2021[1]

Several of Toby's friends and team members weighed in that they were also glad for Spamton's popularity[2] and/or foresaw this outcome.[3]

For the Deltarune Chapter 1&2 anniversary on September 17 2022, Fangamer ran a Spamton-themed charity event where fans were able to enter a lottery for and/or bid on various Spamton-themed paraphernalia, with proceeds going to the charity Child's Play which benefits children's hospitals. This event, dubbed the SPAMTON SWEEPSTAKES, has a promotional site on the Deltarune website here where the relevant livestreams and various other information can be viewed. This site contains various viral previews for Chapter 3 of the game. The event raised 322,805.68 USD for Child's Play. During the event Spamton took over the Fangamer official twitter, which also hosted a Q&A event where fans could get in-character responses from Spamton; Spamton's answers were added as an image thread with screencaps of the questions.

Fan Theories

Fans quickly tracked down the source of Spamton's references to a "Mike" and his repeating the phrase "BIG SHOT" as likely being related to a 1997 soda brand called Big Shot which was advertised by Mike Ditka, then the coach of the New Orleans Saints. The year 1997 also saw the first significant spike in Internet fraud.

Some of Spamton's lucid dialogue is also similar to the dialogue found hidden in the code of chapter 1.

The description of some of Asriel's abandoned drawings were connected back to Spamton's abandoned robot body, suggesting it may have come from Asriel's dreams rather than the more popularly assumed Mettaton's.

Common Pairings

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  • Spamton/Swatch (Swatchton)
  • Spamton/Jevil (Spamvil)
  • Spamton/Kris (Spamtis)


Thus far popular tropes in Spamton fanwork include depicting him interacting with Jevil, being rescued from the dumpster by Swatch or other Addisons, being preyed upon by W.D. Gaster, and preying on Kris and/or Noelle. Some fans consider Spamton to be a Tumblr Sexyman due to the unexpected popularity of Spamton/Reader fics. Fanart tends to portray him as either tragic or comedic, and his wiki hyperlink-style dialogue has been adopted for use in memes.

In a popular AU called "Salt Route", an alternative route in Deltarune chapter two allows you to recruit Spamton and manipulate him into killing the other denizens of Cyber World.


Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.



Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

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