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Name: Jevil
Occupation: Joker
Relationships: Seam (former friend/nemesis)
Fandom: Deltarune
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Jevil is a bonus boss in Deltarune.

Canon Overview

Jevil can be encountered in the dungeon of Card Castle after the area's midboss is cleared. Though he is locked up, he claims that the reverse is true and that in fact the Darkners have locked themselves in against some sort of threat, and that he is the only one free. Saying that he is lonely in his freedom, he tasks Kris and company with finding the key to his cell so that they can play a "game" together (read: have a boss battle).

According to Seam, they and Jevil were once coworkers and friends, with Jevil serving as the Card Kingdom's court jester; they played games together and were each other's only equals. However, one day Jevil met "a strange someone" and began to change, possibly becoming delusional and possibly becoming medium-aware, as he came to see the world as a game and all people as the game's participants. Seam was called upon to stop his rampage and seal him away, but in their certainty that the apocalypse is inevitable agrees to let the party meet with Jevil as "a little chaos" can't hurt before the end.

Jevil mentions both the Knight discussed by the Chaos King as well as a Queen who will stand before the party one day, and warns that he is only a taste of things to come. He is the only character in Chapter 1 who can actually be killed, and the item received after his boss battle differs depending on whether he is defeated by force or Pacified. Everyman, the bird-headed figure that first appeared in Undertale as one of Reaper Bird's malfunctioning bullet patterns and also shows up as alley graffiti in Hometown, has a cameo in Jevil's carousel attack for some reason.


Jevil's character design, difficulty as a boss, and positive fan reaction to his boss theme led to him becoming wildly popular amongst fans. This popularity is about equally divided between giving him serious attention as a character in fanworks/theorizing, and flooding the internet with Jevil memes as his meme cloun persona deserves(?).

Both characters being homicidal clowns as well as superficial similarities in their backstories (cute goofy character who one day met someone/had a wild revelation that led to their going apeshit) has led to Jevil being compared to Homestuck's resident juggalo/bit villain/fandom darling Gamzee Makara, both seriously and in jokes.

Curiously, fan understanding of Jevil's gender is inverse to his old friend Seam's in English and Japanese fandom; while the English version of Deltarune clearly uses he/him pronouns for Jevil, in the Japanese version he uses various different first-person pronouns as part of his "wild card" persona, forming the impression of a gender-ambiguous or genderfluid character to Japanese audiences.

Fan Theories

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Common Pairings

  • Seam/Jevil (Seavil)
  • Spamton/Jevil (Spamvil)



Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.



Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.


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