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Inflation is a kink found within fanworks. It involves a character being inflated up in some way - as a balloon, or a blueberry etc. Sometimes it involves their whole body, other times it may just be one part - commonly the belly, bottom, or breasts.

It will sometimes be used in conjunction with other kinks such as tentacles, vore or pregnancy. A variety of methods are used in fanworks to achieve it for the character, from the mundane (water, air), to the fantastical or sci-fi based (magic, science), to the sexual (semen).



The kink has associations with the furry community, though it's unlikely to have begun in said fandom.

Origins in Fandoms and/or Source Texts

Blueberry Inflation

Blueberry Inflation is a form of inflation kink that appears to have originated from the CATCF franchise. In the story it happens to the character of Violet Beauregard, when she chews an untested gum. It involves a character being inflated into a blueberry, turning purple in the process, as they are filled up with blueberry juice. Sometimes this is triggered through chewing a piece of gum (as in the films and book), other times it will be something else.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory appears to be one of the only sources of this trope in source texts, given the very specific nature of the kink, and is highly likely its origin.