Fantasy Star

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Title: Fantasy Star
Circle: Mochiya (もち屋)
Doujinka: Sukiya Wabisuke (数寄屋佗助) & guests
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 09 August 2002
Type: manga
Size: B5, 64 pages
Language: Japanese
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Fantasy Star is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Mochiya, also featuring work by six other doujinka. The main story (by Mochiya) is set during the Marauders era and is about Sirius and Lily's relationship; James/Lily is established and Sirius/Lily may be implied. The stories by other artists are primarily shorter gags focusing on the trio, such as a Ron/Hermione piece, though a couple are Marauders stores.

Fantasy Star is Mochiya's 33rd doujinshi overall, and their fifth Harry Potter book.


While the story from Mochiya is the largest story in this doujinshi, there are a few other sections done by other artists in this doujinshi. The art from Mochiya is, as usual, wonderful. The other art is, alas, not that great. The story by Mochiya is about the friendship between Sirius and Lily. This upsets some of Sirius's fangirls and Sirius must defend her when they decide to attack her (typical shoujo manga plot device). I'm not sure if Sirius is supposed to have a crush on Lily or not; I'm positive he knows that she likes James.[1]
The cover of Fantasy Star is very busy, as you can see, with a lovely mix of characters colored with watercolors, and who can't smile at the happy looking Harry wearing SHORTS? ^^ 6 other artists next to Mochiya contributed to this doujinshi and not all the characters potrayed [sic] on the cover and back appear in Mochiya's part. Basically, only the charas on the cover, minus Harry, really play a role in this circle's story, while there's a bunch of other charas in other stories drawn by guest artists. Some of the guest comics are only 3-4 pages long but Mochiya's is, luckily, the longest. Their art is by far the best, even if it has no backgrounds and a serious lack of screentones. Very much like in the original Card Captor Sakura manga by CLAMP. A couple of the guest artists are quite talented but the rest of the bunch is rather average and the art varies a lot. [...]

And now to the stories. The first is a short story with Sirius and James by a circle I can definitely recognize - KisekiyaS. Their art bears some of that professional touch of Mochiya's and even looks kind of similar. There are some sketchy shorts starring the Marauders, apart from that this book is a very trio oriented one. One of the stories has a more Western look to it where Harry and his friends are seated by the table in the Great Hall and there's a panel of Ron wearing Sherlock Holmes's outfit. O__O;; These are mostly gags containing lots of dialogue, hard for me to figure out what's going on. ^^ [...] It's followed by Mochiya's Marauder story called 'Fantasy Star' where teenage Sirius is showing some signs of a teeny weeny crush. To make things worse for him, it is Lily he is so confused about. [...] In the story, his affection for her is just implied and nothing ever happens between them because she is so obviously smitten with James. [...] Is Sirius merely jealous of Lily because she's going to take James away from him, or does he have hidden feelings for her, as well, and just won't admit it to himself? [...] Nice story indeed, drawn in that precise, clean style. Next we have a lot of shorter gags, one with Hermione flinging her arms around Ron's neck and wailing like a banshee over something. Ron is very distracted by this sudden move and keeps staring at his hands, like it's so unbelivable [sic] he just hugged Hermione with them. ^^ Typical oblivious Ronald. Unfortunately, the art in these stories isn't satisfying although some of the guest illustrations are nice, and this would have been a good Mochiya dj were it a complete standalone book and not a mix of different circles. It is still worth buying just for Mochiya's art, of course.

Recommended to Mochiya and Marauders fans and a treat for those who fancy Sirius/Lily! Rated 'Good' for the overall look of the book.[2]


Other scans can be found at House of Black Doujinshi (archived site).


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