Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: Liz Keough

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: Liz Keough
Interviewer: Megan Kent
Interviewee: Liz Keough
Date(s): 2009
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Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: Liz Keough are rough panel notes taken by Megan Kent at Escapade.

Copy editing has been done for clarity and spelling.

See Fanlore Live! for more context.

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Notes by Megan Kent

"Liz Keough

I stared in fandom as a young child in Star Trek. I had to have my homework done to watch Star Trek. I watched the first showing of ST. That was the big thing.

Then of course, I also watched The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone. I was a SF geek since I was very little. That SF persisted through school and college, and I went to my first con in 1976 (approx). It was a ST con with Walter Koenig, Georg Takei, and Nichelle Nicols at the Civic Center Auditorium in San Francisco. After that I sort of dropped out of fandom until 1982 (approx) when I joined a ST club. Two other people at work were into ST and we hung out together.

In that club, I met Stacy. I started getting more involved in the club, and became an officer in the club: The USS Vigilant. The person who'd brought me into the inner workings of the club was someone I wasn't fond of, but she told everyone I was her best friend, so everyone (including Stacy) hated me for being (they thought) her friend.

In September of 1986, there was a Shatner con in LA. Stacy & I flew down & back for the day, and this was a turning point in our relationship. I got to see Shatner. From that point, we went to see all of the actors. Stacy wasn't sure whether to broach the topic of slash with me. One day after a meeting, she pulled me aside and asked me if I'd heard of slash. I said no. She said, "You know, Kirk & Spock?" I said "I love Kirk and Spock." She said, "No, Kirk & Spock TOGETHER." I could see that. I stared thinking about that.

Around that time there was another convention in San Francisco, where I bought my first two zines. The absolute worst straight zine Fallen Star, and my first slash zine As I Do Thee 3. I never bought another straight zine.

Then I went to my first slash con: Koon-Ut-Calicon, where I met Megan Kent, who shipped me (I was a stranger!) her collection of SH tapes. That was when I became enamored of fandom. That just doesn't happen [in real life]. And so with those tapes I made my first music vid: Don't Give Up on Us Babe (by David Soul) on two VCRs. I had a cassette player to put the music on. It was a chore. And then I shipped the tapes back to Megan Kent.

From there, I've been attending cons annually, now I'm on the con com of Bascon for the last eight years, and I've made a total of three music vids. I published a Starsky & Hutch story in The Fix #17. I was also the first person to bring crocheting to the cons. Now there are more and more people doing handwork every year."