Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: Justacat

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: Justacat
Interviewer: Elanor Graves
Interviewee: Justacat
Date(s): 2009
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Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: Justacat are rough panel notes taken by Elanor Graves at Escapade.

Copy editing has been done for clarity and spelling.

See Fanlore Live! for more context.

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Notes by Elanor Graves

"Justacat (Jessica)

In 1993, I was pimped into pros fandom by Meri, who was the person who established the online Pros fiction archive, roughly 1996 (the Circuit Archive). Pros was set in the way.

Meri was able to start the archive though personal connections with authors. In 1996-1997, she lost interest and offered to turn the archive over to me, so first she retained a nominal interest but as time passed, she withdrew.

I wanted to make the archive automated, so it can be searchable. In February 2004, I started to work on the software for the new archive and simultaneously started the sell menship [unclear word]. I was getting permission from authors, introducing myself, and meeting new people. The new archive went live in October or November 2004 with a 100 stories that had not been online before. Over time, I expanded it to include art and vid as well as stories.

The archive was well-received because it not have been updated in many years, and it was now searchable. Prior to that you had to know the author to look up the story. Now is very easy on the eyes. Now you don't need to have it printed. You can read it off the screen.

I continued to update it, including getting online the stories that had only been in print on paper, stories only available on paper format. [It was a challenge and a goal to] find powerhouse authors and try to get them to agree to put story online.

Francis's CD and the mailing list. Before Francis was Debby Ramsey. This continues to exist, but are separate from the archive. When the CD started the vi [unclear word] ... there used to be the paper circuit but when the paper circuit started to be digitized, vbiew [unclear word] was no different. There was no concept that they need to ask permission. Many of their authors may not have given permission. Authors from the early days had no clue that their story had been digitized.

The online archive is entirely independent. We interact and work together. There is no reason that they need to operate together. Share.

I found tons of errors. ... early typed in.

Making the list world of the lj world and how easy it was to get them over there.

It is time to find the world to bridge the gap as much as possible between the old world and the new world. There are now people who came into fandom online. And a lot of people in Pros are not comfortable. ... tey to be in both worlds.

There is lots of hostility with LiveJournal, there is hostility about new things. I am not nearly as active in Pros LJ as I used to be. I want to bring Pros into a Lj journal, and be active in bridging both worlds. I kept trying to get people to give permission and wanted to make these fics accessible.

I am fed up with the fact that there are was no quality zines published anymore. I published a zine with a mixture of older archive and newer fans from LJ who never been edited. Susan Lovett illustrated it. That zine is NEver far apart published in May 2007. My intent is to be publish another one.

Another thing is that has started is a small slash Pros con. It's in the Baltimore, Maryland area and is called Close Quarters. It happens every other year. Second this year. It is a fabulous con. All weekend we talked Pros. One group con. Two panels a day, games, 30 people attended.

The problem with Pros is that there is no way to get in touch with old times fans, not LJ, list.

Manifesto... I wrote ship_manifest at an Lj community for people who are new to start for people to write manifest about their ship. I spent time writing b/d ship manifesto. It picks up everything like screen caps, everything we like about series. It was extremely well received. It is at:

I think it might be fun to vid. I know the Media Cannibals and got their permission to remaster some of their vids, some by Dj Driscoll, and Katherine Scarritt. That is an ongoing project.

I'd like to get permission from old art to be online as well. Susan Lovett is one artist. Some people would never have seen her art. Many of these times I will not find the artist. At least I can with Suzan.

I tried to get the history of the story and put it when I can.

Regarding the history of consequence; it is a pivotal story that affected the rest of the fandom. All of us in this generation only get hearsay but I'd like to get to the source.

I did a vid of my own with PR Zed "I don't know why I love you."