Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: Keiko Kirin

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: Keiko Kirin
Interviewer: Megan Kent
Interviewee: Keiko Kirin re: JKL (JKL is a vidding collective)
Date(s): 2009
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Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: Keiko Kirin are rough panel notes taken by Megan Kent at Escapade.

The subject is vidding and the vidding collective JKL.

Copy editing has been done for clarity and spelling.

See Fanlore Live! for more context.

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Notes by Megan Kent

"Keiko Kirin re: JKL

I had been viding with Jill since 1995 (with VCRs). I lived in NYC, Lynne C. moved to NJ, and she had been viding with Gayle F and with the Media Cannibals, and now she was doing vids by herself.

The origin of JKL is that I did a vid with Lynne C. (Loveshack, a multi-media vid, and a HL vid. That was around 1996-1997. Then in 1998, I moved to California where Jill was living. Lynne moved to California shortly thereafter. J=Jill, K=Keiko/Kay, L=Lynne. I think the first vid we made all 3 of us was My Generation (Buffy, on VCRs). Then we made a Once a Thief vid called When I'm Up I Can't get Down. That was the last vid we made on a VCR.

Lynne then built a vidding computer. Then we made She's Moved On (another Buffy vid). After that, the three of us didn't make a lot of vids together (for a variety of reasons), but Jill & Lynn & Sandy made a Roswell vid.

After that we started doing more solo vids, or in twosomes, then Lynne moved away. Then Jill & I started vidding with Kathy, who had been vidding with Morgan Dawn. Kathy built a vidding computer, so when we started vidding with Kathy, we only made computer vids. The first one was a Stargate SG-1 vid called: Friction. That's kind of the origin of JKL.

It was loose, and happened organically. We'd all been vidding on our own, then because we were close, we started working together. It wasn't like we planned it or anything. We didn't even have a name for ourselves until we decided to put out a video tape of our vids, and tried to think of what to call it, and that's were we came up with JKL. Then, because we didn't have enough vids to fill entire tape, we roped in some other people who contributed vids, which is how it became JKL and Friends.

When we got a website, and put our vids online, we became known as Pteropus because that is our domain name. It means flying fox. We've noticed that people call us Pteropus."