Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: K'Kathy

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: K'Kathy
Interviewer: Megan Kent
Interviewee: K'Kathy
Date(s): 2009
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Fanlore Live!: 2009 Escapade Panel Notes: K'Kathy are rough panel notes taken by Megan Kent at Escapade.

Copy editing has been done for clarity and spelling.

See Fanlore Live! for more context.

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Notes by Megan Kent

"Subject: How I got in fandom

Started in 1953, I was born. Been a fan all my life, discovered slash in 1993 (3rd season HL) when we got our first computer and one of my daughters dared me to do an internet search (because I'd never used the computer before). I searched for the word Highlander and found more than 5000 hits. She said "Mom you need to refine your search" so I did "Methos" and found all these websites that contained in the description "slash." I had no idea what slash meant, clicked on one that turned out to be the Horsegirls (I think). It was a website for 4 horsemen slash. My first slash story ever was about Methos being raped by Kronos. I shut the computer down, positive that the police were going to show up at my doorstop any minute. Didn't return to the computer for a whole week, sure that someone would come arrest me. And when no one showed up at my door, I decided to try again.

I read all the stories at that archive, went on to read more and I have been a dark slash fan ever since. End of story.

These days, in fandom, I'm an author, avid reader, and past member of the Bascon committee (#1-7)."