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Title: Fangasm
Created by: Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush, Danny Chapman
Date(s): January 12 2017 - present
Focus: Erotic fanfiction reading
Fandom: Pan-fandom (originally Harry Potter)
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You may be looking for Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls.

Fangasm (originally The Potterotica Podcast) is a fan-made podcast that reads and discusses approved erotic fanfiction. In each episode the hosts read aloud a chapter from a piece of erotic fanfiction.

The stories are submitted by the authors themselves or are used with the author's permission. The stories are not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported directly or indirectly by the trademarks and copyright owners of the individual books, movies or TV shows discussed. Additionally, all of their characters, names and related indicia are trademarks and copyright of the owners.

As they say in the preface to every episode, the podcast is rated "H for Horny."

Didn’t know erotic fanfiction existed? Neither did hosts and fangirls and fanboy Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush & Danny Chapman...until now. In each episode, they read and discuss a hot and steamy chapter from an erotic fanfiction story. Yep, pop culture just popped a boner. Previously known as ‘The Potterotica Podcast’, Fangasm is no longer monogamous with Harry Potter, and instead, has gone poly by reading erotic fanfiction from all fandoms.[1]


Original logo
New logo

The Potterotica podcasters did a live show in Chicago in June 2017.[2] Also in 2017, the creators were approached by a network interested in making a TV show from the concept.[3]

In December 2018 they did another Chicago show called "POTTEROTICA LIVE!: a HO, HO, HO-RNY HOLIDAY SHOW".[4]

At the start of 2019, the podcast was rebranded as Fangasm, and episodes started featuring fanfiction based on The Office, Star Wars, Marvel, etc.

In October 2019, the podcast announced that they will be ending the series with one last season going back to where it all began. When COVID hit, they resurrected the pod and they are still going strong, now on their 22nd season.


Accessible wherever podcasts are found
Season Episodes Title Author Fandom Ship Original Air Date
1 9 + 1 In the Prefect's Bathroom Ms_Figg Harry Potter Hermione/Snape January 12, 2017
Hermione goes into the Prefect's bathroom to enjoy a luxury bathing experience, but she's interrupted and has to hide. Adult/sexual content, graphic descriptions. Allie and Lyndsay read and Danny appears in a few episodes as a "guest host". A short episode was released explaining that the hosts had tracked down Ms. Figg's relatives, as she had passed away, and received approval to use the fic.
2 12 An Honest Mistake McTwist Harry Potter Hermione/Draco April 4, 2017
Amortentia: The most powerful love potion in the world. And, as Draco Malfoy soon finds out, also the most dangerous; the kind that keeps you coming back for more, even after you think it's all over. Danny's introduced as one of the hosts.
3 8 The Critiquer Cheryl Dyson Harry Potter Draco/Harry August 1, 2017
When Harry submits his cock photo to a renowned Cock Critiquer and gets a terrible review, he decides to take a photography class to hopefully improve his skills.
4 6 Slipping Betta329 Harry Potter October 10, 2017
Sirius has committed the ultimate crime. He can't stop fantasizing about his best friend's girl. Lily has committed the ultimate crime. She can't stop fantasizing about her boyfriend's best friend. As nervous flirtations turn to heated desire, will they be able to deny each other? And what's worse, who's going to tell James?
5 6 Zeroing In tryslora Harry Potter January 9, 2028
Harry goes out for a night on the town, determined to finally lose his virginity, and wakes up in bed with a lovely woman and breasts of his own. Shocked to discover that he has the extremely rare disease of Zerophilia, which makes him change gender when he orgasms, he is even more shocked to find out who else shares this disease.
6 6 I Really Really (Really Really Really) Like You teenage_hustler


Harry Potter April 3, 2018
Pansy Parkinson is an expert in magical houses, and she has been sent to investigate Harrison Estate; a real trickster of a mansion that has been causing its previous owners no small amount of strife. A job like this could be dangerous, so Pansy requests help from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Unfortunately, the Auror they send over is none other than Ron Weasley.
7 8 The Boy Who Lived and the Girl Who Topped pommedeplume Harry Potter June 19, 2018
The ongoing tales of the sex life and love life of Ginevra Weasley and Harry Potter.
8 8 He Who Must Not Be Disobeyed BrandonStrayne


Harry Potter Dumbledore/Grindelwald September 25, 2018
When a young and curious Albus Dumbledore attends a London sex club for the first time, he doesn’t know what to expect. His close friend, Bathilda Bagshot, assures him that there is something for everyone at the club. Despite his initial trepidations, Albus may have found just what he has always been looking for in the form of the enigmatic and alluring dom that everyone calls Maître de la Petite Mort…
9 5 Prank Wars agian18 The Office Jim/Pam February 12, 2019
Jim Halpert is Dunder Mifflin's ultimate prankster. But when his girlfriend Pam tries to start a war against him, they find themselves in a little bit of trouble that leads to some steamy pranks that he never saw himself dealing out.
10 6 Pigtail Pulling Erin Octavia The Office Jim/Dwight March 29, 2019
11 5 + 1 King Slayer of the World Game of Thrones Jamie and Breanne April 14, 2019
12 8 Bon Fire Night Game of Thrones Sansa and the Hound June 25, 2019
13 8 The Closet Relativity Theory Harry Potter October 8, 2019
14 7 Star Wars Raylo August 25, 2020
15 6 As it Was angeldenbrough Star Wars SkySolo November 10, 2020
Han and Luke go back to Tatooine to celebrate their anniversary, walk down memory lane, and see how far they've come from the moment they first met. Fluff and sex ensues.
16 5 Harry Potter January 26, 2021
17 6 Marvel April 6, 2021
18 7 Marvel June 1, 2021
19 8 Natasha's Dirty Thirty Seventy Secret Kinks Marvel August 17, 2021
20 7 Last Call SpiderManHomeComeMe Spideysmjs Marvel Feb 15, 2022
21 7 Multiversal Mania Crossover:

Harry Potter & Marvel

May 31, 2022
22 7 Game of Thrones Daenerys/Jon August 23, 2022


Quickies 1-25 - accessible only on Patreon
Quickie # Episodes Title Author Fandom Ship Original Air Date
1 4 Luke the Magician FatesFire Harry Potter Hermione/Draco (Dramione) 2017
The one where Draco is a stripper in muggle London
2 1 Harry, Ginny & Polyjuice harryginny1 Harry Potter Harry/Ginny 2017
The one where Harry and Ginny use polyjuice to spice up their sex life.
3 4 Need You Now TheWaterFalcon Harry Potter Ron/Pansy 2017
The one where Ron and Pansy use burner owls to have a sexy affair.
4 1 A Side of Her So Rarely Seen MaiseBee Harry Potter Minerva McGonagall/Garrick Ollivander 2017
The one written for Danny where Professor McGottitgoin’On goes to town with her very personal wand.
5 1 Bewitchment Bryonia_Alba Harry Potter 2017
The one where Neville and Luna find an aphrodisiac plant and get it on in the greenhouse.
6 1 Harry Potter Lily/James/Sirius
The one where a young Lily is torn between her boyfriend James and his doggedly (wink) handsome bff.
7 1 Harry Potter
The one about Paris, safewords, and anniversaries.
8 1 Harry Potter
The one where Harry and Draco bang at a bar on Halloween dressed as a Mummy and Vampire.
9 2 Harry Potter
The one where Luna and Ginny hook up by the Black Lake.
10 2 For the Very First Time Sazula Harry Potter Bill/Fleur
The one where Bill and Fleur are engaged and engage in some racy acts.
11 1 Christmas Tickles TheGuppyo Harry Potter Wolfstar
The holiday one where Remus and Sirius jingle their balls all the way.
12 1 Harry Potter
The one that one of the host’s wrote about another host!!!!
13 1 Harry Potter
The one where Ron is married to Hermione but his “tiny problem” means they call in Harry to help.
14 1 Harry Potter
The fan-written one about the sexiest man/couch alive: Horace Slughorn.
15 2 Cedric Submissive PotterParadise16 Harry Potter
The one where Cedric and Cho make pasta and love.
16 2 Bet On It idreamofdraco Harry Potter
The one where Professors Ginny and Draco try to catch snitches, not feelings.
17 1 A Cat for Christmas inamac Harry Potter
The one with Professor Umbridge and Filch that you will regret ever listening to.
18 1 Harry Potter
The one with the partner swap between Tonks, Remus, Bill, and Fleur.
19 1 Harry Potter
The one where Sirius and Hermione can’t get out of bed.
20 1 Harry Potter
The one about Neville and Ginny’s box (not a euphemism) of sexy surprises.
21 3 Harry Potter
The one where Snape catches on fire every time he orgasms.
22 1 Harry Potter
The one where Pansy spends Valentine’s day in a heart-shaped hot tub.
23 1 Harry Potter
The one where our guest host Mike Schubert from Potterless has to listen to a Voldy + Harry Britney Spears tribute.
24 4 Harry Potter
The one featuring Polyjizz—and a Ginny and Draco tryst.
25 1 The Disturbing Discovery of Borace Plughorn GhostGaze Harry Potter
The fan-written one where we discover Borace Plughorn’s origin story.
Quickies 26-50
Quickie # Episodes Title Author Fandom Ship Original Air Date
26 1 Harry Potter
The one where balls jingle all the way from a holiday gift swap to an orgy.
27 1 Harry Potter December 18, 2018
The one where the Fantastic Beasts characters work at a university and attend a holiday faculty, err f*ckulty, party.
28 1 Harry Potter January 8, 2019
The one where Danny’s boyfriend’s dad writes a Harry Potter porno...without ever having read the books.
29 1 Harry Potter January 29, 2019
The one where Danny’s boyfriend’s dad writes ANOTHER HP porno that somehow also involves a Disney character.
30 2 The Office March 13, 2019
The one where two Office-mates have a lunch-break fondle and then put the cum in commute.
31 1 Game of Thrones May 21, 2019
The one where Queen Sansa puts on some leather britches and Jaime can’t get enough of it.
32 2 Game of Thrones June 4, 2019
The one where Jaime, Brienne, and Tormund get hot hot hot in a hot tub and then Tormund becomes a sex coach in a Lover’s Cave.
33 2 Game of Thrones Sansa/Jon July 26, 2019
The one where Sansa Stark drinks too much and posts sexy messages on Jon Stark’s Facebook page and then Jon shows up on Sansa’s doorstep and she’s in nothing but a towel. (AU where they’re not related!)
34 2 Harry Potter August 27, 2019
The one with Neville, Ron, Draco, and Harry and three of them become a glorious threesome when they get it on in a bar bathroom.
35 1 Harry Potter Percy/Neville December 3, 2019
The one where Percy Weasley and Neville get in on in Greenhouse 4(play)
36 1 Harry Potter December 24, 2019
The one where Dobby strips for Lucius at The Horny Basilisk.
37 4 Harry Potter Harry/Luna March 17, 2020
The one where Harry and Luna get it on surrounded by Thestrals.
38 3 Harry Potter Molly/Arthur March 30, 2020
The one where a young Molly and Arthur Weasley head up to the ass-tronomy tower to get down to business.
39 1 Harry Potter June 23, 2020
The one written by Danny’s father in law about a singing dick hellbent on revenge.
40 1 Harry Potter Crabbe/Goyle August 6, 2020
The one about Crabbe and Goyle set to the plot from the movie Ghost.
41 1 Harry Potter December 22, 2020
The one where Sirius, Remus, Lily and James are working at a mall polyjuiced as Jolly Old Saint Dick, a naughty elf, Mrs. Claus, and a reindeer.
42 1 Harry Potter February 11, 2021
The one where Lucius Malfoy is the star of Hermione's Porn film.
43 1 Parks & Rec Ben/Leslie May 24, 2021
The one where Ben and Leslie from Parks & Rec roleplay as Italian detectives.
44 1 Harry Potter June 29, 2021
The one where a Christmas time-turner makes a Wolfstar threesome possible.
45 1 Stranger Things Joyce/Hopper October 15, 2021
The one where Joyce and Hopper hook up in a mall bathroom before the end of the world.
46 1 Schitt's Creek Patrick/David December 17, 2021
The one where Patrick and David bust a nutcracker in a special hotel room on Christmakkuh Eve.
47 2 Euphoria Lexi/Fezco April 12, 2022
The one where Lexi and Fezco are married and have a euphoric stripper pole hookup set to a Rihanna soundtrack.
48 2 The Goofy Movie August 9, 2022
49 1 Harry Potter Bloody Baron/Peeves October 25, 2022

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