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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Fanfiction ... by Pilar
Author: Pilar Vae
Dates: ? - 2/6, 2005 (last update)
Fandom: Popslash, Roswell, Dawson's Creek, Oz, Andromeda, Beverly Hills, 90210, The O.C.
URL: (via Wayback)
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Fanfiction ... by Pilar is a personal fanfiction website of Pilar focused mainly around Popslash, Roswell and Dawson's Creek. Site also had recommendation links to other fic writers and stories for Roswell, popslash, Oz, Dawson's Creek, and a few other random fandoms.


  • decisions, decisions.
    • Britney likes to think things through. (PG-13)
  • desperate songs to sing and hear.
    • Britney has a song she needs to sing and that she knows needs to be sung. (PG-13)
  • destinations
    • Written for the 2001 Don We Now Our Gay Apparel Secret Slashers event, for Niki Roberts who asked for Chris and Lance and a cabin in the woods. (R)
  • distracted
    • Joey's fucked. He just knows it. (R)
  • over to next.
    • Chris can't answer the question and he's already numb. (PG-13)

drabbles page.

Screenshot from October 2001 via Wayback


  • And Suddenly That Name
  • Before It Rains
    • A storm is brewing, and Michael surrenders to the call of leadership. (Thanks, Laura!) (m/m)
  • Bittersweet
    • Sugar and spice and everything nice? Liz finds out what Isabel is made of. Light D/s content. (f/f)
  • Collide
    • Kinda harsh. A bit on the non-consensual side, but not. Edges of violence. (m/m)
  • A Common Thread
    • A post-episodic musing on "Surprise"
  • Drowning in Dreams
    • Sometimes the simplest dreamwalk can get a little complicated. (m/f, f/f)
  • Envying Max Evans
    • A post-episodic musing on "Missing."
  • Matters of the Parts By Pilar, Courtney & Miri
    • Michael is written by Pilar, Max by Courtney and Maria by Miri. This story is an exploration on what happens when each writer controls one person. You'll love it or you'll hate it... and it's slash... more slash... And it's exclusive to "Guilty Pleasures" the link will pop out a new window.
  • A Means to an End
    • A post-episodic musing on "285 South"
  • Misplaced Trust
    • A post-episodic musing on "The Balance"
  • Near. And Not Close.
    • Alt-History ending to Max in the City. Warnings: My mind. Not a pretty place. This is basically Prisoner!Fic. Themes include torture, an allusion to non-consensual sex and other nastiness.
  • The Next Big Thing
    • Maria expounds on a new experience after being caught out. (f/f)
  • Perchance
    • A Liz Parker journal entry about a recurring dream. (f/f, PG)
  • Sight (Un)Seen
    • Tess realizes that destiny has nearly nothing to do with her. (m/m)
  • Taking
    • Sometimes destiny has nothing to do with what you want. (f/f)
  • That I Might See
    • A POV future piece. It defies my own summarization attempts, so try it, you might like it. Who knows... Warning: Character death and ensuing angst. This story has received a 2001 Roswellian Choice Award for Best Future Fic, click HERE to check out the award.
  • To Hold You While You Weep
    • A post-episodic musing on "Cry Your Name"

Dawson's Creek

  • Better or Worse
    • A 28-year-old Pacey Witter has moved to San Francisco with a new job and a new life, but he is haunted by a grim face from the past. Can he merge both lives and save her?
  • Crossed Lines
    • Pacey and Joey share an apartment, details of their torrid sex lives, and a lot more.
  • Done Wrong
    • When it looks like the perfect relationship... look closer.
  • Fell On Black Days
    • Pacey struggles to understand why his relationship is failing, and searches his soul for a solution.
  • Things Look Swell
    • Pacey woke up gay! WooHoo! This is off-linked to Kate Bolin's hilarious "Wake Up Gay!" site, a new window will open
  • This Year's Paris
    • Taking place directly after the Season Three finale, Pacey and Joey sail off into the sappy sunset and find out about 'True Love'.
Screenshot from September 2007 via Wayback


  • Parallel
    • A short Chris Keller introspect and my first Oz fic. Go easy on my prag ass, all right? (R)
  • Sex Sins Six
    • A lost scene from Episode #30, "A Word to the Wise." Father Mukada gets a little hot and bothered after Keller makes his confession. (R—NC-17, Blasphemy)
  • Idle Hands
    • I had this sitting on my hard drive and realized it is a nice, slutty!Beecher ficlet that deserves release. Short, but sweet. (NC-17 for language)



Beverly Hills, 90210

  • Lessons in L.A.
    • My first ever slash story. Be very afraid. And I am very embarrassed. No, really. I don't even know why I'm putting this here after all this time. Yikes. Brandon/Dylan, NC-17, Sand.

The O.C.

  • Goddamn Cohen
    • I've been reading a bit out of this fandom because I've really been enjoying this dumb show in hte same way that I loved the dumbness of 90210, and this pairing just reads so hot. This story starts aout canon after "The Second Chance" and veers off the Pacific Coast Highway from there. Summer/Ryan, NC-17.



  • The Last To Know
    • Isabel gets annoyed when Michael kisses Maria...

Roswell/DC Crossover

  • L'Étranger
    • Pacey is forced to move to Roswell, New Mexico. Everything changes with locale. This fic has been honored with a Capeside Creek Fanfiction award. Click HERE to check it out.

Dawson's Creek

  • What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day
    • After a break-up with Andie, Pacey makes the strangest discovery--Abby's actually fun to hang out with. (This series takes place right after episode 212, "Uncharted Waters") This fic tied for "Best Other Relationship" fic in the 1999 Creeker's Choice Awards. click HERE to check out the award.
  • Chemical Reaction By Alisha and Pilar
    • Pacey and Joey meet by chance in Atlanta, in the strangest of scenarios. This story is exclusive at the Pacey & Joey Lover's Shrine. Please click here to read it.


  • Surface
    • If the dream wasn't a dream, where would Tobias Beecher be a year after his parole?