Beverly Hills, 90210

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Name: Beverly Hills, 90210
Abbreviation(s): 90210
Creator: Darren Star
Date(s): October 1990—May 2000
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: United States
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Beverly Hills, 90210 is an American teen drama series, which aired on FOX from October 4, 1990 to May 17, 2000, with a total of 10 seasons.


Beverly Hills, 90210 focuses on the assimilation of a solid, value-oriented Midwestern family into an accelerated Beverly Hills lifestyle. The show explores the realities and myths of social classes in Beverly Hills while at the same time exposing the strains this lifestyle can put on family relationships.[1]


Actor Character Seasons
Jason Priestley Brandon Walsh 1—9
Shannen Doherty Brenda Walsh 1—4
Jennie Garth Kelly Taylor All
Ian Ziering Steve Sanders All
Gabrielle Carteris Andrea Zuckerman 1—5; guest 6, 8, 10
Luke Perry Dylan McKay 1—6, 9—10
Brian Austin Green David Silver All
Douglas Emerson Scott Scanlon 1, recurring 2
Tori Spelling Donna Martin All
Carol Potter Cindy Walsh 1—5, guest 6, 8
James Eckhouse Jim Walsh 1—5, guest 7—8



The main couple of the early seasons, and to this day the most popular relationship of the series, is Brenda x Dylan. Brandon x Andrea had a will they/won't they during the first three seasons — they kissed a few times and once decided to sleep together, but never tried having a relationship despite being popular with the fandom. Steve x Kelly had an off-screen romance that was referenced throughout the series and, though not one of the most popular, were contenders in the early seasons and had a strong connection throughout the show. Other common pairings among the friend group in high school includes pairing Donna x David and Andrea x Steve, although the latter only kiss and never dated, but are still a popular pairing (and was a regret of the seasons 1—5 showrunner/co-creator, Charles Rosin). Brandon dates Emily Valentine who comes back a few times over the years; other high school canon pairings include Nikki x Brandon, Andrea x Jordan, Andrea x Jay, Steve x Celeste and Kelly x Dylan. Fanon rarepairs include Andrea x Dylan, Steve x Donna and Kelly x David.

The show did not feature much in the way of representation and so most pairings are cis-gender, white M/F pairings.

In the college years, new pairings followed the introduction of many new characters. Popular pairings included Dylan x Toni, Susan x Brandon, Kelly x Brandon, Clare x Steve and Valerie x David. Other pairings, both canon and fanon, in that period were Brenda x Stuart, Andrea x Dan, Andrea x Jesse, Brandon x Clare, Brandon x Lucinda, Dylan x Valerie, Andrea x Peter, Brandon x Valerie, Brandon x Tracy, Clare x David, Donna x Joe, Tom x Valerie and Kelly x Colin.

List of ships

Ship Name Ship Characters
Bandits, Brylan Brenda x Dylan Brenda Walsh & Dylan McKay
Brandrea Brandon x Andrea Brandon Walsh & Andrea Zuckerman
Stelly Steve x Kelly Steve Sanders & Kelly Taylor
Donna x David Donna Martin & David Silver
Branders Brandon x Steve Brandon Walsh & Steve Sanders
Sideburn Twins Dylan x Brandon Dylan McKay & Brandon Walsh
Brelly Kelly x Brandon Kelly Taylor & Brandon Walsh
Zasquez Andrea x Jesse Andrea Zuckerman & Jesse Vasquez
Dandrea Andrea x Dan Andrea Zuckerman & Dan Rubin
Blare Brandon x Clare Brandon Walsh & Clare Arnold
Brandon x Susan Brandon Walsh & Susan Keats
Brenda x Stuart Brenda Walsh & Stuart Carson


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