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Name: Pilar
Alias(es): Pilar Vae, pilar666
Type: fic writer
Fandoms: Roswell, Dawson's Creek, O.C., Popslash, Oz, Beverly Hills, 90210, Andromeda
URL: FFN, Fanfiction ... by Pilar, Livejournal (purged account)
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Pilar is a fic writer that writes het, slash and femslash, best known in the Roswell fandom. Joined Fanfiction.net in 1998.

Comments by other Fans

"Pilar's responsible for a lot of what makes the Roswell fandom great, including GP, and her site is proof. Despite myself, I even started reading some DC, because it's that good. (I know, it scares me too. *g*) Love her Oz-fics, too."[1]

Notable Fanworks


  • Bittersweet - L/I
  • Sight (Un)Seen - M/Mi

Dawson's Creek:


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