Guilty Pleasures (Roswell archive)

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Name: Guilty Pleasures
Date(s): ? - sometime circa 2005
Archivist: Barret, Courtney S., Brandi, Pilar, Miri and Eden[1]
Type: adult fanfiction
Fandom: Roswell
URL: (via wayback)
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Guilty Pleasures is a adult fanfiction archive for the Roswell fandom. It is the archive of Roswell Guilty Pleasures mailing list, however they only archive fics from there if they so chose.

"Guilty Pleasures considers itself an adult site. Therefore, everything that we archive here has the potential to be NC-17 or R. We archive het, gen, parodies, slash, UC, CC, extreme fics, angst, D/s, BDSM and whatever else we choose, from the vanilla to the non-vanilla. There is no discrimination in our land except against ActorFic including RPS. The across the board disclaimer, though, if we don't like it, we won't archive it."


  1. ^ FAQ: Who are you people?