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Name: Fanfic Es
Date(s): 2007 - March 2022
Founder: Marfil
Fandom: Pan-fandom, Original fiction
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Fanfic Es was a Spanish-language archive for het fanfic. It was created in response to users of Amor Yaoi who wanted to post het content.

The website closed on March 22th 2022. After years of neglect, a new post was posted on the website's blog by Marfil on March 16th 2022. A translation of the blog post:


The website will stop working permanently as of March 22, 2022.

All data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.[1]

At the time of its closure, had 19723 stories stored written by 8540 authors.

Because they're run by the same person, fans fear that the same thing will happen soon to Amor Yaoi.

Some fans have made efforts to rescue the stories but because of the short notice, not all fanfics could be saved.

Backup made by Klauhunlove Maledicere

Project by olderthannetfic to save waybacked stories into an AO3 collection of external bookmarks

Fan Reactions

Translated from Spanish

I'm crying because is closing. It doesn't affect me as a creator but it does affect me as a reader, because there were a couple of my favorite fanfics there.[2]
The page will stop working and some will say, who cares? Well, it turns out that this page belongs to the same person who made Amor-Yaoi. If they closed the first page, it is likely that they will close the second page so I suggest to MAKE A BACKUP [3]
Well is already dead, two minutes of silence for the page of the last resource to read crack ships.[4]
That's where I started my readings, it was the first app of this type that I knew... ❤ there I found great writers that I now admire more... the nostalgia... they will always remain in my heart...
Aaaaand is officially gone. The web is still there, yeah, but you can't see nor access anything besides the "This website is closed, in the following days it'll disappear". Thank you Marfil for putting that sweet note /s.

Anyway I wanted to say thank you to you and all the people that joined to archive this small but awesome piece of the Spanish fandom!! It sure lasted some considerable years. Specially thanking because the people I saw crying over this web going down did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at all (except saving their faves and such, but besides that? Archiving?? What's that???).

Hoping that Amor Yaoi won't be treated by Marfil with that fucking uninterest, but I think I'm asking too much. I'm feeling that AY will meet the same future as FFes in a couple of years. Maybe I should create the Collection and all of that soon, just in case.[5]

Archive Rules

In addition to the usual rules against plagiarism, etc, Fanfic Es has the following rules:

  • Unfinished fanfics that have not been updated for more than one year are deleted.
  • Titles such as "Please read" or "Untitled", or titles containing symbols such as @#$~%^& are not allowed.
  • Chatfics (SMS format) are not allowed.
  • Stories showing any of the following in a positive light are not allowed: drugs, rape, abuse, pedophilia, or sexual abuse of minors.


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