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Name: SlasHeaven
Date(s): May 19, 2004 – present
Archivist: Ayesha, Maripi Isla[1] and Aura Durán[2]
Type: Slash, yaoi, m/m, yuri and femslash
Fandom: Pan-fandom, Original fiction
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See also Fanfic Es, Amor Yaoi,
La Mazmorra del Snarry, Intruders

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SlasHeaven is a Spanish-Language art and fanfic slash archive, founded by Ayesha, Aura and Maryam on May 19, 2004. It was and still is one of the biggest fanfiction sites in Spanish (side by side with the and amor-yaoi).

An unofficial AO3 Collection was started by fan Kaanbaltlak. Entitled "SlasHeaven Links", it is open to users who want to start adding/importing fanfics or bookmarks to AO3 from the website.


The site script was produced by Rivka&Tammy and having been modified by Ayesha, Aura and Maryam, with graphic art by Little My and Haschariel. SlasHeaven was also sponsored by El Reino de Ayesh, Orden Severusiana and Reino Slash.

The site has faced stability issues in recent years due to php update errors, leading to the closure of some sections and functionality.

In March 2022, Aura Durán posted on SlasHeaven's private Facebook Groups:


I came with updates about the website.

We're searching (or trying to search) for programmers who can update all of it. Changing from php to something more recent. Give it a better functionality. We plea for y'all to have patience. I [Aura Durán] keep paying the website.

I know that we haven't been informing y'all about this, there isn't anything too relevant to say, but that's not an excuse.

So as I said, we're searching for a programmer that doesn't suck our wallets empty[3]

In April 2022 the archivists Maripi Isla and Aura Durán were still looking for programmers who could modernize the site,[note 1][3] while continuing to pay for the domain name of the same. They also clarified that all content has at least two backup copies in order to protect data from any type of loss in the update process. However, the site remains inaccessible to members until October 2022, due to obsolescence of its code.


Some users have complained over the years about the style of the site and the quality of their content posted.[4]

The format for reading may not be comfortable for everyone.

infested with low quality stories, with very long summaries or images.

People often put all the characters in the fandom in "characters" instead of just the main ship.[4]


Besides that, the site has always suffered from stability issues. From March 2009 to January 2010 the website was really unstable, letting people enter or log in just to close minutes or hours later.


I was able to upload the first part of a chapter and it's down again... damnit. XD

This happens once in a while :s you're reading something and suddenly it's down, it isn't nice when you left unfinished a story and it it takes almost a day to be online again hahahahaha but at least it always come back (crossing fingers) [5]

Once again, on March 2010 the website was down again. However, this time there was an explanation:

I'll transcribe the message that Aura posted on the slasheaven forum, so be patient girls ^^ and let's hope that everything will be solved as soon as possible.

"Sorry, I barely had time and I just found out what's going on.

I'll explain:

These servers decided to migrate us to another because there were problems with the one we were on. So that's what they did. The problem comes now that the full migration has been completed.

Before we had some IPs, that when migrating are no longer valid and that we have to change for the new ones that they passed on to us. The thing is, I don't know where to change that. Maryam takes care of that. And Maryam is currently having problems at home, so she is quite missing. But as soon as he shows up, I'll take care of passing him the new Ips so that he can put them where the hell they have to be and then SH will be back on top.

I am very sorry for what is happening, but I still have to ask you to have a little patience because we will solve it as soon as we can."[6]

The most recent shutdown (2022) isn't, however, really unexpected. Since 2018 many people have been vocal about SlasHeaven being down or not letting people access fics nor their accounts.[7]

It's been a long time since I've been on #Slasheaven to read, but today I decided to go take a look and it shows that the account is suspended, whatever link I use. Does anyone know what's wrong with it?[8]

I entered the page on the 30th in the morning and everything was fine, then I did it at night and it was gone. I really don't think I'll come back[9]

I decided to enter #slasheaven to relive those Frerard stories I read years ago, but it turns out it's suspended. I really want to read them again. I need it to come back[10]

And before April 2022, on February 2022, Maripi Isla posted the following:

Hello people Slasheaven's problem is bigger than we expected, the main problem is that there must be a bug or something in the script and we need a php programmer (which none of us are) Is there a php programmer in the group that can help us?[11]


The admins of SlasHeaven created a special category with the sole purpose of putting there all the stories that were recreations/alternative universes/versions of classic and contemporary literature.

Due to the massive posting of fics that recreate classic and contemporary stories of universal literature, Slasheaven is happy to announce that all the users know have a place to embrace this particular activity with its own category. A real challenge to creativity and an experience only suitable for the most frikis. If you know your favorite book by heart but you also think that it should have had characters more interesting, this is your place to express yourself. Chaallenges and themes open for every taste. SlashXperience. Category proposed by Intruders, the hispanic Slashzine.[12]

This category came with its special rules.

Participation rules:
  • It's allowed to take as base any literature work, theatrical play or cinematography script, from any period and country.
  • It's prohibited to take as base other fanfics.
  • It must be an ADAPTATION of the chosen work, not a partial or total copy of it. It can recreate arcs, plots, chapters, style and development as well as the interaction between characters of the original story.
  • In case of chosing a movie, it should try to translate the images to words. That means, describing the plot and scenes with your own words and characters from any fandom. It's prohibited to partially or totally copy the script.[13]

Archive Rules

Translated from Spanish, those were the archive rules:

  • We won't accept defamatory nor offensive content of/about authors, users or administrators of SlasHeaven.
  • No plagiarism.
  • No lists (this includes bloopers, "Top 10...", "Reasons why...", etc.).
  • Advertisements (includes spam, surveys, author's notes, Q&A, opinions and commentaries).
  • One or two lines of content. The minimum of a story must be 100 words
  • Copies of own stories but with differents names so they can be posted on different categories.
  • Stories with SMS/Chat format.
  • Pornography and explicit images.
  • Stories that involve abuse of minors, as is assault, rape, violence and murder. Explicit sex that involves two minors is also prohibited. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Stories that positively highlight use of drugs, rape and such.[14]

Notes & References


  1. ^ Information extracted from the site's private Facebook group.