Amor Yaoi

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Name: Amor Yaoi
Date(s): 2003 - current
Founder: Marfil
Type: Yaoi and yuri fanfic
Fandom: Pan-fandom, Original fiction
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Amor Yaoi is a Spanish-language website for slash, yaoi, and yuri fanfic. The sister site for het fics is Fanfic Es. The page seems to be no longer maintained, the last blog post by Marfil is from May 2014. Categories and characters were manually added. All the fandom listed were trending popular when the page was still being updated, like Loveless or GetBackers, making it feel dated. Some of the character names are mis-spelled and character lists are incomplete and obsolete. Namikaze Minato from Naruto is listed as yondamine, a mis-spelling of yondaime (meaning Lord Fourth) from a time when the character name wasn't yet revealed. Fans don't expect these mistakes to be fixed, or the fandom list updated.

Still, after all this time Amor Yaoi remains popular among Spanish yaoi authors and readers. The Original Yaoi section is one of the most popular nowadays, and fandoms that are still relevant, like Harry Potter, Naruto or Kpop get a significant amount of stories uploaded or updated.

Archive rules

In addition to the standard rules against plagiarism, etc, Amor Yaoi has the following rules:

  • Unfinished fanfics that have not been updated for more than one year are deleted.
  • Titles such as "Please read" or "Untitled", or titles containing symbols such as @#$~%^& are not allowed.
  • Chatfics (SMS format) are not allowed.
  • Stories that star actors/athletes (RPF) is not allowed.
  • Stories showing any of the following in a positive light are not allowed: drugs, rape, abuse, pedophilia, or sexual abuse of minors.