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Name: Amor Yaoi :: Fanfics yaoi en español
Date(s): November 4, 2003[1]present
Archivist: Marfil
Founder: Marfil
Type: Yaoi and yuri fanfic
Fandom: Pan-fandom, Original fiction
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Amor Yaoi is one of the largest Spanish-exclusive multifandom websites for slash, yaoi, yuri and original fiction. In the past 19 years, the site has amassed 114,817 stories (at least 12,546 of those original fiction) and 113,333 members (29,958 of them "authors", or members with at least one published story). The page, whose fans have worried about a possible 2022 shutdown as its website sister Fanfic Es since it seemed to no longer be maintained, was put under maintenance by Marfil on 16/12/2022 and also changed server.

Categories and characters were manually added; and all the fandoms listed were trending popular back when the page was still being updated, like Loveless or GetBackers, making it feel dated. Some of the character names are mis-spelled and character lists are incomplete and obsolete, e.g. Namikaze Minato from Naruto is listed as yondamine, a mis-spelling of yondaime (四代, meaning Fourth) from a time when the character name wasn't yet revealed. Fans don't expect these mistakes to be fixed, or the fandoms list updated.[citation needed]

It used to have a sister site exclusively for Het stories, Fanfic Es, that was terminated early 2022.

In November 2023, it was posted on the News section by someone called "I", that the website would shut down the 4th of December (its 20th anniversary) unless people pledged 1282 dollars before that date.


Amor Yaoi was created in November 4th, 2003 and started as a website where fans could read, download and share images like wallpapers and fanarts; manga and doujinshi like fanscalations and fantranslations; and fanfics.[2] It also had a forum[3] where fans could discuss various topics regarding yaoi, anime & manga and miscellaneous topics.

On 2006 the website was put "under construction".[4] The first month the website was inaccessible, but later on the forum and fanfic sections were opened with their layouts changed and improved.[5] The web was permanently transferred to a new domain ([6][7] in November of the same year; this new domain lasted shortly however, until November 3, 2008. This is what Marfil announced:

YAOI.ES WILL CLOSE SOON. As of November 10, the domain will cease to function, so this website and the forum will cease to exist. I'm sorry, but I couldn't do anything about the domain payment and that's why it has been canceled.

In the next few days, options will be deactivated in the forum. At the moment the inactive forums, old messages from certain forums and all users who haven't posted any messages have been deleted.

I still don't know if the forum will be back online at the domain.

At the moment the fanfics section will remain online.[8]

The domain was once again the main one, with its layout changed.

Still, after all this time Amor Yaoi remains popular among Spanish-Speaking yaoi authors and readers. The Original Fiction section is one of the most popular nowadays; and fandoms that are still relevant, like Harry Potter, Naruto or Kpop get a significant amount of stories uploaded or updated.


Both the site and Marfil have been criticized by users of the Spanish speaking community, with some of them posting on their profiles and blogs about their concerns about the state of conservation and security of the archive.[9]


They won't delete the page (like it happened with Paraíso Fanfiction D:), a change of server is taking place and it is normal for the page to stop working for a few days. But that's an attempt to improve the page, so it's worth the wait.

[...] i remember a few years ago when Marfil said she couldn't keep the Amoryaoi forum and deleted it, panic began to spread among people because they thought they would also close amor yaoi. But in the end nothing happened.

By this, what I meant was that we should not let panic spread at the slightest thing that happens with Amor yaoi.



Some of the criticism, of course, was directed not at the site itself, but at the behavior of some of its users at the time, writing quality (writing errors, typos and more), Marfil was not still active and answered fans' requests as well as enforcing the site's rules, but not always so punctually or concisely.[10][11]

• Many of the authors writing is totally awful. And I mean, that includes the titles.

• Sometimes when you post your fanfic and revise it to be your first hit (ahem…), you find yourself with the surprise that everything is glued up together. Spaces have disappeared. Or strange code appears...

• And as for replies to readers, sometimes they don't show up either, although this problem seems to have been fixed.

• Marfil has not been present since the beginning of the year. Although the web is still standing, it is a good sign. Which is bad for plagiarism.

If you're used to intelligent comments... you can get frustrated from time to time.[10]


One of the biggest concerns regarding the site's security happened in mid-October 27, 2016 when after long problems with Amor Yaoi's hosting site, Marfil had to change providers.[12] Several users have made long emergency backups of their posts and comments, for fear of losing their content afterwards.[citation needed]

Another of the concerns regarding the security of the site, was the possible protection flaws, which later resulted in its hacking, on December 2, 2016 by an Twitter user called @BannedExP_GoD. When entering the website a GIF of a moving eye was displayed along with the text (translate from Spanish):

«Hack3D By @BannedExP_GoD I changed twitter account, if you all want to keep being informed follow me on @BannedExP_GoD».[13]

The news of Amor Yaoi being hacked spread fast and there was a mixed reaction and even a YouTube video[14] explaing what was happening.

The Facebook page «Es de fanficsd» posted this (translated from Spanish):

IMPORTANT About #AmorYaoi

The hacker published this, but let's not fall for their game. Please, is important that all of you don't do what they're asking. Do not send them messages, they just an attention seeker. Soon the Administration of Amor Yaoi will resolve the conflict.

Keep calm and ignore all the posts that this person may do.

Administration of EsDeFanfics.[15]

Some reponses to this were negative:

Nah, that person can get a life. After all, if someone took your information without your permission it was your fault for posting it online. We all should know that if we post something to any site on the internet it becomes public automatically unless it's patented, and in cases of stories that's hard. Besides, doing justice by your own hand WILL ALWAYS BE WRONG. So, that person can drop the good person mask. It stopping thousands of readers/writers and that supposedly isn't their purpose, their actions are counterproductive. Farewell to them.

They think they're a hero and they just want gossip. Firstly all we put on the internet becomes public information that's why someone doesn't put nothing they don't want other people to know and secondly a bunch of the information is false on that kind of sites we like. Moreover the password and email I use for Amor Yaoi is exclusive for that site. So we don't care they aren't a hero. If they want to help so bad they should tried contacting Marfil about the security problems and offered their help. The worst part of this is seeing all the girls doing all they ask out of fear so that asshole won't delete the fanfics like they're threatening to do.

On the other site, on Twitter there was some positive reactions, asking to stop insulting the hacker and keep calm:

Why won't you all stop criticizing? He is doing good and there are people who start criticizing.[16]

What part of our data may be at risk you all don't understand? Stop offending him, you won't accomplish anything![17]

Ugh, what a fuss all of you make. They aren't stealing nor profiting at all, they can help with the website. Thank that it wasn't someone else.[18]

The reason of the hacking was due to terrible security vulnerabilities on the site. The hacker claimed they were trying to contact Marfil, but that was hard to do since all the information that Marfil had on Amor Yaoi and FFes was false.

On December 4 Marfil appeared and created another database and restored temporary the site, but with the same problems.[19] On December 5 Marfil closed the site herself[20] and apparently contacted the hacker to resolve the security problems. On December 6 the site was online again with all the problems resolved.[21]

Other Reported Issues

On December 13, 2017, an error occurred with the database and all the updates, stories and accounts made a day prior were lost and impossible to retrieve.[22]

In 2019, the layout was changed again, this time preventing the users to change site skins and removing the Search tool, a thing that many fans were angry about; but Marfil stopped answering emails at that point. The last change she made was adding a reminder of the existence of Fanfic Es and deleting the two last announcements. To this day, after the shut-down of Fanfic Es, that reminder is still there on the Amor Yaoi home page.

Fans do not expect Marfil to appear anymore, since Marfil hasn't responded to any contact attempt.[23]

2022's possible shut-down

Amor-Yaoi's domain expires in December 2022. Many fans are concerned Marfil will decide not to renew it and they'll only get a two weeks' notice, as happened with Fanfic Es. A few threads have been written on social media recommending people to backup their stories and favourites in case the worst happens come December.[24]

Since the website was put under maintenance on 16/12/2022 and changed hosting server[25] the 2022 possible shut-down has been disproved.

The server change has been made.

But not all the errors have been solved yet, I will try to do this in the next few days.

For this reason, there will be times when the web returns to maintenance mode, while other times I will make the changes without deactivating the web.

Nonetheless, the unofficial AO3 Collection was started by fan Kaanbaltlak, entitled "Amor Yaoi Links" is still open for users who want to start adding/importing/cross-posting fanfics or bookmarks to AO3 from the website.

2023 Data Loss

On May 29, 2023, following several days of web downtime, Marfil released a news update regarding the loss of web data from the past six months. They expressed regret for their inability to address the issue and acknowledged the impact it had on users. Marfil reassured Amor Yaoi users that they were taking immediate steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future, implementing necessary measures to safeguard data integrity and regain users trust.

Due to the database error and loss, another problem was generated: impossibility to post new fics and blank chapters. This problem, as the fan Kaanbaltlak described it:

You can't post.

In theory, you can. Go and click "Add fanfic" and fill everything. But when it's time to click "Post" it'll redirect you to a page that reads "There's a fatal error in the database"... Then you refresh the site and see that your fic, actually, was posted, but when you click the title...

Blank page. No title, no author, no text. Only that floating "by" that was supposed to have [Title of fic] before and [Author of fic] after it.

And if you go to the "Updates", you'll see that the fics more recently added have "0 chapters".[26]

Archive rules

In addition to the standard rules against plagiarism, etc, Amor Yaoi has the following rules:

  • Unfinished fanfics that have not been updated for more than one year are deleted.
  • Titles such as "Please read" or "Untitled", or titles containing symbols such as @#$~%^& are not allowed.
  • Chatfics (SMS format) are not allowed.
  • Stories that star actors/athletes (RPF) are not allowed.
  • Stories showing any of the following in a positive light are not allowed: drugs, rape, abuse, pedophilia, or sexual abuse of minors.
  • If the fanfic contains spoilers the author must let readers know.
  • A disclaimer that the series/anime/book doesn't belong to the author is obligatory.

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