Es de Fanfics

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Name: Es de Fanfics
Date(s): 2016 - Present
Type: Facebook group
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: on Facebook
on Twitter
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This article is about the Facebook group Es de Fanfics. For the Spanish language fanfiction archive, see Fanfic Es.

Es de Fanfics is a Facebook group dedicated to fanfiction in the Spanish language regardless of fandom, genre or rating. The group has close to 80000 followers as of December 2022 and was founded in 2016.

The most common publications consist of fanfiction memes in Spanish, writing tips, prompts, anonymous confessions related to writing or reading fanfiction from followers, fanfic promotion requests or beta requests, promotion of events or challenges both their own and organized by other groups. They also share any important news that affect the Spanish-speaking fandom.

The stories originated in an Es de Fanfics event are usually shared in files with the tag #esdefanfics

Events Hosted by Es de Fanfics