E-Man-Uelle's Revenge

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Title: E-Man-Uelle's Revenge
Author(s): not attributed, anonymous, but the editor has a tongue-in-cheek statement about who it isn't
Date(s): 1985
Genre(s): slash
Fandom(s): Blake's 7
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E-Man-Uelle's Revenge is a a four-page mini-zine embedded in E-Man-Uelle.

It is a meta responsefic consisting of satirical disclaimers and three satirical letters "from" Vila to his mother (Jethrik) commenting/poking fun at the multi-part story, "Comfort," in E-Man-Uelle. The original story contained rape and mpreg.)

This fanwork, which is VERY biting, is very much a product of its time and contains dated language and comments.

The introduction explains the origin of the original source:

To those of you who've been following the last couple of issues this may not be unexpected, but it has been delayed (and much shortened) because of its slightly controversial (in the B7 world, anyway) contents. No offense is intended: the three persons involved in "E-R" are not regular contributors to "touched". (OK, so I did add a few names to the Innocent Persons -- but they were innocent, so there!) But, if you do happen to be between a certain M.LeFay and Edinburgh [1] ...duck....

Who Was the Author?

printed in "touched" #5

From the story's introduction:

As we don't want to be sued for numerous crimes from libel to breach of the Official Secrets Act, below is a list of the people who were not involved in production of E-Man-Eelle's Revenge.

I cannot vouch for the innocence of any person whose name does not appear on this list.

Elizabeth Windsor, Zola Budd, Sarah Berry, the editor of the Sun (despite all appearances), the editor of the National Enquirer (despite ditto), Fran Ward, George Fox, Vladia Dracul, Nik Kershaw, Fiona McArthur, Princess Diana, Issac Asimov, Helen Pitt, Oriole Alma Throckmorton, Commandante Monasterio, Margaret Cassidy, Simon and Garfunkel, Heather Lulham, Margaret Thatcher, Trevor Hoyle, Jane Carnall, Mike Keating, Robin Hood, Harry Kemelman, Diane Gies, Tony Atwood, Supergirl, Gervaise Ellis, Don Quixote, Jackie Pearce, Sylvana, Zorro, The Prince of Wales, BA Baracus, Janet Ellicott, President Reagan, Paul Darrow, Terry Nation, Philip K. Dick, Ros Williams, Mao Tse Tung, Kathy Hanson, Robert Heinlein, Fred Astaire, Mary Moulden, John Wayne, Lady Macbeth, Rik Mayall, Nich the EverLate, Yvette Clarke, Space Commander Travis (Oh, I though he did the typing.)

Some Excerpts

Out of the night, as the full moon is bright, a cloaked rider on a block mare, rearing with a cry "For Justice!" against the sky.

Who was that masked woman?

Who knows? Who cares) It certainly wasn't E-R.

She arrived five minutes later, all in black frills, right down to teeth and toes. She reminded at of a camp whale - perhaps because she was? There are a lot of strange things around these days, and some of then are people.

She handed me a tattered, stained MS and said curtly: "We want you to publish this because no other fanzine house will take it, it's so gross and disgusting." I asked her what she thought we were, the municipal rubbish dump?

She looked me up and down and said there was certainly a distinct resemblance. Insulted, I gave her a haughtily freezing glare, seized the MS out of her gloved flippers, sorry, hands, and fastidiously dusted it off.

Then I began to read it.

After the eleventh time of rescanning, I looked up sad told her as coldly as an editor can who can't stop laughing that E-Man-Uelle's Revenge was grossly unprintable.

A knife appeared as if by witchcraft in her right flipper. "It's you or E-Man-Uelle," she said ominously. (They don't call her the fastest claw in the west for nothing.) Naturally, I agreed.

I don't want the SSPCF (Starlight Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fans) after me! Anyway, they're already far too busy chasing M.C.

So we are offering you a chance that comes only once a lifetime, like a direct nuclear explosion or an attack of bubonic plague or seeing Avon smile in close range (the commander told them to wait till they saw the whites of his dentures). E-Men-Uelle's Revenge is as gross, as badly written, as disgusting, as E-Man-Uelle the Original and Impure, but more hysterically absurd by a factor of 7, with ten times as many impossible positions.


  1. ^ "a certain M.LeFay and Edinburgh" may be a reference to M. Fae Glasgow