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Synonyms: doomed pairing
See also: rarepair, unconventional pairing, crack ship
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A doomed ship or doomed pairing is a fan's ship that is doomed to never become canon. It's similar in meaning to rarepair and unconventional pairing as sometimes doomed ships are often rare and/or non-canon. The term is mostly used to describe pairings that have other pairings opposing it due to canon ones or endgame relationships (usually set against canon that's been set for years especially in the comicsverse - think Clark/Lois, Peter/MJ, Scott/Jean), for example Chloe/Clark was considered a doomed ship due to the fact that Clark/Lois would eventually become canon (and it did).

Some doomed ships, however, turn out to not become actually doomed; for example many fans thought Olicity of Arrow would be doomed, but it eventually became canon. Another example was Peter/Olivia of Fringe, a fan felt that the pairing would be doomed as well, but by the end of the series they are together.[1]

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