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Pairing: Arthur/Morgana
Alternative name(s): Morgana/Arthur, Armor
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Merlin
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: One of the more common het pairings
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Arthur/Morgana, also known as Armor, is the het pairing of Arthur Pendragon and Morgana in Merlin fandom.


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Arthur and Morgana showed an interest in each other from the very first episode, The Dragon's Call. In the episode Valiant, Arthur displayed jealousy when Valiant showed an interest in Morgana. In the video diaries for the season one dvds, the director is talking Bradley James through his performance for the episode and states "I've reinstated 'My lady. My champion' because I love the way that's starting. It gives you a moment at the head of the red carpet where the thought behind it is absolutely 'God, I love you...'" To which James replies "Yes!"

The Mark of Nimueh features the first of what will become a very common scene throughout the first series: Morgana appealing to Arthur's conscience.

In The Moment of Truth we learn that Arthur and Morgana would swordfight one another when they were younger and that Morgana would beat Arthur.

In the episode To Kill the King, Arthur pleads Morgana's case to Uther and secures her freedom from the dungeon. She tells him that he is a better man than his father and always was.


The pairing gained some popularity in the early seasons when they were shown to have a close friendship because of their joint upbringing, and their was some indication of possible romantic interest from the characters. This changed however, when Morgana learned she was Uther's daughter and she left Camelot, becoming the one of the main antagonists of the show. Still, some fans hoped for a reconciliation, which did not occur in canon.

Other fans were drawn to the pairing because of their antagonist relationship, and saw their interactions as UST, that could possibly lead to hatesex, and exploring other darker themes. This relationship is possibly one of the few examples of enemy het in a fandom.


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