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Name: Diana Moon
Alias(es): DianaMoon, dizilla, MoonDreamer
Type: fan writer, fan artist, reccer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Star Trek: Alternate Original Series, Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Once Upon a Time, Sailor Moon, others
Communities: Dark Flowers (co-mod), kirk_mccoy (co-mod), Crack Broom (reccer), Sailor Moon Romantic Fan Fiction Mailing List
URL: DianaMoon at AO3
xDianaMoonx at FFN
DianaMoon at DeviantArt
dizilla at LiveJournal
dianamoon at Dreamwidth
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Diana Moon is a fanfiction author and fanartist.

She hosted her fanfiction on her website, Moonlit Library, until 2012.[1] She also had an art site called Castelli in Aria, also now offline.[2]

In 2011, she gave blanket permission to podfic her fanfiction.[3]

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