Dead Sexy

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Name: Dead Sexy
Date(s): 01 February 2001 (Wayback capture) or before - ?
Type: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: (Wayback)
Angel Spike Vampire Slash Fiction - Dead Sexy.png
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Dead Sexy is a Angel/Spike slash archive. It hosted fanfiction by a selection of authors and it had a gallery with Angel/Spike manips.

Archived authors included: Avarice, Meg Bernstein, Esther Brewster, Dru, Ducks, Evil Willow, Kita & Jessica, Lar, Nicole S, Queen of Cups, Rune, Saber ShadowKitten, Shamenka, Spike, Spirit, Spyke Raven, Sue, Vixen, Tinkerbell[1]

Sometime between June and September 2002 the site moved to a new URL.[2] The text on the old main page read: "Dead Sexy has closed while it moves to a new domain. Meanwhile go here... Spike/Angel Slash Fiction." The link went to the My Immortal Beloved Spike/Angel slash site.


Affiliated Sites

Affiliates included: My Immortal Beloved, Angel Artworks, Spike Torture, Clockwork Archives, Ducks Fanfic, London Calling - The Undead Guide to What's Cool in the UK, Spike Sugar, Homoeroticism Yay!, You Got the Stones?, Spiked Angels, Our Armageddon, Slashing the Angel, - The Unofficial Web Site, Bed of Nails, Buffy Writers Guild, Oral Sex Tag Team Squad, Eternal Nightcap, Angel Torture Anonymous.[3]


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