Eternal Nightcap

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Name: Eternal Nightcap
Dates: 2000-2004; last online 2007
Type: comic pairing shrine
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
URL: formerly, now defunct; available on the Internet Archive
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A comedic site dedicated to the Angel/Spike pairing, with the usual fanfic, fanart, link lists, etc, but also including a great deal of roleplay-style commentary from the featured chars and guests:

"Eternal Nightcap grew from the chat conversations Darcy and Avarice used to have quite frequently, taking on the personas of Spike and Angel to confuse, disorient and distress chat visitors." (from the Site Info page)

So the fiction section included Angel and Spike's recommended fics, and the image gallery had less-than-flattering pictures (categorized "hate!!" and "huh?!") with the characters bickering over the depictions.

The commentary distinguished between characters with colored text (blue for Angel, red for Spike, green for Giles, etc.) and featured plenty of snarking, insults, and innuendo between the boys.