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Name: Our Armageddon
Owner/Maintainer: Nemi
Dates: 16 June 2000[1] - 23 January 2003 (last update[2])
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: http://geocities.com/ourarmageddon/ (2000, Wayback)
http://www.squidge.org/pinky/ourarmageddon/ (2001, Wayback)
Our armageddon.png
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Our Armageddon is the Spike/Angel Zone of The BtVS Writer's Guild. The site offers writing tips, help, guides, essays and many other things one may or may not need to know, in order to write the pairing Spike/Angel when writing fanfiction.

The site was originally hosted by GeoCities and then moved to Squidge.org. It was a member of the angel and bad boys webring, the buffy in paradise webring, the spikes & angels webring[3] and the Vampires in Valhalla[4] webring. It was also listed as a member site at The NummyTreats Archive.


The histories, the mythology, the years, the plain facts. All things historic, not-so-historic and straight-forward lecture stuff. You can find it all here, including stuff about vampires and such from both mythology and other fictionverses that the Buffyverse. Navigation to the right.

Spike - Info, biography and vital stats on our Spike aka William the Bloody.

Angel - Info, biography and vital stats on Angel/Angelus aka Liam.

Feeding - Some theories and information about vampires and feeding. When? Why? How? All that stuff.

Vampires - Some general info on vampires, a little history lesson, what kills them, the difference between original vampire myths, other vampire verses and Joss' Buffyverse, etc.


This is where the more "complicated" and larger guides can be found. If you need more in-depth explanations on a subject, chances are good you'll find it here.

Resources - Links to sites that can help you with various things you might need to know when writing Spike/Angel.

Beta Readers - Written a story, but nobody to beta read it? Check this list, then.

Spike Speak - What on earth does Spike mean when he says "Don't get your knackers in a twist???" Go here to find out and learn to write Spike Speak. By Saber ShadowKitten.

Angelus Speak - "Dinna?" "Afore?" HUH? Go here to learn how to write Angelus Speak. By Saber ShadowKitten.

Shagging - What goes where? Kinks, fetishes or plain vanilla? A raw fuck or tender love? Go here to get the tips. This section is rated NC-17! Do not proceed if you're under 18!!!

Enemies - Need a bad guy for your story? Check out this HUGE list over demons and supernatural beings from both Buffy and Angel!

The Usual - A small list over some of the most common, most used plot lines and details in Spike/Angel fiction.

Expressions & Ratings - Some useful expressions in the world of fanfiction and a guide about rating your fic.

Mailing List Guide - A little guide to mailing lists.

Fighting - Tips on how to write better fight scenes and a little study of Spike and Angel's fighting styles.


Essays, fanfiction, rants, raves, poems, filks... anything can be found here. If you have something to add to either of these sections, just drop me a line!

Fanfic Archive - Want to read some Spike/Angel fic? Maybe you've written a story, but haven't got anywhere to post it? Just visit the archive!

Fan Poems - Poems, written by fans.

Inbox - What are *your* thoughts on this or that, concerning Spike/Angel/BtVS? Write me and let me know, and I'll post is here. No restrictions and no censorship.


Need inspiration? Stuck at a Writer's Block? Just don't feel like coming up with a plot bunny for yourself today? Then step inside, and see if some of these sections might help.

Challenges - Challenges for every occasion. Got a challenge you want me to add? No problem, just drop me a line!

Songs - Lyrics to some songs that might inspire you... hopefully...

Poems - Or, if you're feeling more poetic and don't want a song, you could try one of these poems.

Plot Bunnies - Plot bunnies up for adoption, stories no longer being worked at, etc, etc, etc. If you've lost interest in your story, submit it here. Maybe someone reads the beginning and wants to finish it?

Phobias - By Heather Exum. A list over various phobias that Spike and Angel might have. This should give birth to at least one plot bunny! :o)


Looking for a little break from absorbing all the wisdom found here? (Yeah, right...) Anyway, this is where you'll find the fun and games and everything related to those two words. So far, there's not much here, but this section will expand eventually.

I.D. - In Denial, a clique for everybody in denial over "Fool For Love" and that whole Spike's Sire issue...

Fic Ads - Just what it says; fanfiction ads.

Downloads - Spike/Angel wallpapers in 800x600 resolution to give your desktop a better look and WinAmp skins.

'Shippers - All Spke/Angel 'shippers who wish to show it, just click here and grab a nifty button for your website. *g*


Everything that didn't fit in anywhere else; awards, clubs & cliques, and other stuff as it keeps popping up. :o)

Clubs - Clubs and cliques I've joined.

Awards Won - This site has won some awards! Yay! Go here to check them out, and then go visit the sites that were nice and gave us the awards.


If you wish to leave (which I hope you don't), then you can choose your way among the links below. If you wish to link to Our Armageddon, you can find several banners and some buttons to choose from. Thanks, and I hope you'll be back! :o)

Resource & Reference Links - Links to various resources and reference sites that might come in handy.

General Links - General BtVS or A:tS websites and fanfic sites. Not necessarily Spike/Angel related.

Fanfiction Links - Links to various archives and fanfiction sites on the internet, containing Spike/Angel fanfiction.

Webrings & Exchanges - Webrings and banner exchanges that Our Armageddon belongs to.

Banners - If you wish to link to Our Armageddon, just grab one of these banners.


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