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Title: Dazzled
Author(s): AMidnightDreary, Rabentochter
Date(s): July 25, 2019
Length: 2422 words
Genre: m/m
Fandom: MCU
External Links: Dazzled, Archived version

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Dazzled is a frostiron fic by AMidnightDreary with additional art by Rabentochter [1] in which Loki and Tony Stark end up in an arranged marriage.

Author's Summary:

Loki's eyes were fixed on the place where the bridge would open any passing second.

Apparently, not being on time was something he and his fiancé had in common.[2]

Art by Rabentochter



Awwwwh, this is so adorable considering how shitty it started out for poor Loki. But I love the "still dazzled" line at the end and how happy they become AND THE GORGEOUS ART IN THE MIDDLE. JUST WONDERFUL ♥

Comment by STARSdidathing [3]

This was absolutely marvelous! I so wish it had been a much longer story---showing how Loki and Tony's wedding and how they joined forces to make Odin, Frigga and all of Asgard miserable! I can just imagine it and I would have LOVED to read the details. Can you imagine Odin's chagrin when he found out he had matched Loki to someone who was his perfect match, and that together they would be a team that would make the gods tremble? I was very happy with the way you ended the story, with their five year anniversary, that was just so tender and charming. I loved the artwork that accented the story. This entire story was terrific!

Comment by Michele+A+Lyons [4]

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