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Title: Amare
Publisher: Greycloud Services
Editor(s): Janet Ellicott
Date(s): 1986-?
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: slash and het
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
External Links: archived online flyer
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Amare is a slash and het multifandom anthology. The title is pronounced "amaray."

It is a sister zine to Frak.

Some issues are novels. The first issue was all slash, and the publisher said that future issues would possibly be "straight." [1]

Issue 1

Amare 1 was published in 1986 and contains 68 pages.

one cover of issue #1
another cover of issue #1

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Amare 2 was published in 1986 and contains 55 pages. It is a single novel and is adult het.

  • Cross-Switch by Ros Williams (het) (Blake's 7)

Summary: During the escape from Ultraworld, Tarrant got the memory tubes mixed up. On their return to the Liberator, Avon and Cally find they are in each other's bodies.

Issue 3

Amare 3 was published in 1986. It is an A-Team slash special with stories by CJW, Flipper, Rowan, Orion, and Janet Ellicott.

Issue 4

Amare 4

Amare 5

Amare 5 contains all Beauty and the Beast fiction. It is 34 pages and het.

Romantic stories about some of the other people who share Vincent's world: Mouse, Jamie, WIlliam, and some others not seen in the series. These are second season stories. [2]
This issue is solely B&B. It contains mild, non-explicit sexual situations. Three stories, all centering on Tunnel inhabitants, with V/C taking minor roles. Includes "When Love Was King," in which tunnel newcomer Terri interacts with V, Father, and especially William, with whom she comes to share a closeness. "In the Bleak Midwinter," visits Jamie and Mouse at Winterfest. "Of Mice and Woman," follows tunnel newcomer Shari, a traumatized girl how comes out of her shell with Mouse's gentle guidance. [3]


  • When Love Was King
  • In the Bleak Midwinter
  • Of Mice and Woman

Issue 6

Amare 6 is an adult Tomorrow People zine. All stories by Janet Ellicott.

  • More than Just Different (While in Australia, Ami is almost captured by Australian intelligence, thanks to an unfortunate romance with a junior agent. Adam does what he can to comfort her but it is really Megabyte she needs to see.)
  • Substitutes (A missing scene from "The Darkover Project". Megabyte and Lisa have registered as a couple but they would both be happier with other partners.)
  • The First Time (Ami and Megabyte have paired off but haven't yet become lovers. And none of the Tomorrow People are quite sure what will happen when two of them do become lovers.)
  • One of Those Conversations (On his eighteenth birthday, Megabyte is treated to a whole evening of his father's company, and a surprisingly frank conversation.)
  • Aftermath (Sam Rees had tried to make Ami kill the other Tomorrow People. Something had to be done to make them into a team again.)
  • Catalyst (When Megabyte makes love for the first time, he triggers something in his girlfriend, a telepathic power she didn't possess before. It seems he is a catalyst. While tests are carried out, to see whether it is possible to detect a pre-Break Out Tomorrow Person, the Tomorrow People learn that one of the Worldex secretaries should have been a Tomorrow Person. Despite Adam's best efforts to force her Break Out, it seems that there is only one way to achieve it.)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

Amare 7 is a slash Tomorrow People 48-page novel written and published in 1996 by Janet Ellicott called "A Father's Worst Nightmare."

  • Colonel Masters has been employed to capture teleporters. Plural. He captures Megabyte, thinking he will bring the others in to the trap, but Megabyte is stubborn and refuses to cooperate, whatever Masters does to him, shutting down his special powers so he can't even reach out to them. Damon and Adam are not able to find him until after he has been raped. Restoring Megabyte's special powers is not easy, and he is at first only able to broadcast negative feelings. It is essential that the other Tomorrow People find a way to heal him.

Issue 8

Amare 8 is a multifandom 58-page anthology of fiction by Janet Ellicott.

  • Love Under Mars (Biggles) (Ginger had known for some time that his former employers, now his commanding officers, were lovers. With the coming of War, however, also came Lord Bertie Lissie, and a chance at love for him too.)
  • Almost Forever (The Three Musketeers) (Of the three of them, D'Artagnan found himself growing closest to Athos. He thought at first that Athos was looking for a substitute son. Then a drunk Porthos tried to warn him of the dangers of getting too close to Athos, and Aramis was forced to explain, making the warning unnecessary.)
  • Alone (The Tomorrow People) (Adam never did know when to stop working. Megabyte and Ami came up with a unique way to force him to relax.)

Issue 9

Amare 9

Issue 10

Amare 10 is a 29-page Tomorrow People/The Sandbaggers novel by Janet Ellicott called "Plots and Counterparts."

  • Jeff Ross and Neil Burnside want the Tomorrow People to work for them, and are prepared to go to any lengths to force them. General Damon is equally determined that they aren't going to work for anyone in the intelligence community, save himself, and he and Adam plot ways to get out of the trap. At the same time, Adam is concerned that the CIA may be trying to target his mother, who is the head of Australian Intelligence. It takes a lot of counterplotting - and help from surprising sources - to keep the Tomorrow People neutral.


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