Chaos Unlimited

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Zine Publisher
Name: Chaos Unlimited
Contact: Ginna Wilcoxen
Type: fanfic
Fandoms: Andromeda, Doctor Who, The Phantom Menace, Equalizer, La Femme Nikita and Multi-fandom
Status: active
URL: website/WebCite
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Chaos Unlimited is a gen and slash fanzine publisher that has been publishing since the 1980s, first as part of Demon Bunny Press and then later under their own name.

From the publisher's website:

Fanzine publishing is her joy as her fanzines deal with all avenues of Fandom as she has been writing in many different forms of fan fiction for over 3 decades. Ginna began publishing "The Archives: The Journal of the Legacy" V. 1&2 as a founding member of Demon Bunny Press. Later under Chaos Unlimted she began publishing fanize works including: Andromeda, Buffy, Equalizer, Hercules: TLJ, LaFemme Nikita, LOTR, PTL, Pretender, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Ginna is currently working on being published professionally. [1]

Published Zines

Proposed Zines

Some of their proposed zines which were never published:

  • Not Your Parents Anime V.1 (gen) - [Gen. Stories on any Anime]
  • Savage Ink V.1 (gen) - [Gen. Stories on any Doc Savage]
  • The Bronze Age (gen) - [A Doc Savage & Conan Crossover: an original stand alone zine by Ben Brackett]
  • Jedi, Rebels & Rogues #1 (gen) - [Star Wars stories any Prequel or Trilogy]
  • By the Shores #1 (gen) - [Highlander stories on any Immortal Character, movies or TV series]
  • Trunk Space #1 (gen) - [Forever Knight stories on any character (s) for the hit TV series]
  • Smallville Examiner #1 (gen) - [Smallville stories on any character (s) for New WB TV series]
  • Romulan Empire #1 (gen) - [Star Trek stories based on any Romulan character (s) for any of the Trek TV series or Movies]
  • Naughty Bubbles (adult, multifandom, bubblebath theme)
  • Tiny Bubbles (gen, multifandom, bubblebath theme)