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Moresome · Ship · Pairing
Relationship: Castiel/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Alternative name(s): Wincestiel, Team Free Will
Gender category: Poly, M/M/M
Fandom: Supernatural
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Small
Other: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Castiel/Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
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Castiel/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, also known as Wincestiel, is the poly pairing of Castiel, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester in Supernatural fandom.


Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Domestic Fic: their day to day life outside of hunting
  • Human Cas: usually focused on the times in canon when Cas was made human, or is made human for some other reason. Often these fanworks focus on Sam and Dean helping Cas adjust to human life, also in fic it is often the catalyst for Cas realizing his romantic feelings for the brothers, because he would be fully experiencing human emotions. AUs where Cas was always human are also common.
  • Cut Off From Heaven: often Cas' estrangement from Heaven is used as motivation for him deepening his relationship with Dean and Sam
  • Established Relationship: many fics begin with one pairing already being in an established relationship, usually wincest or destiel, and them inviting the third person into the relationship, Cas or Sam respectfully. Stories with sastiel as the first established relationship are rare.
  • Pining: several stories begin with one character pining for the other two, especially if the other two characters begin a romantic relationship. Usually it's either Sam or Cas who is pining, but on a rare occasion Dean is the left out party. These fics are often resolved when the person who is pining is accepted into the relationship, however their are a few more angst filled fics where the third party never reveals their feelings, or is rejected, and they must continue to suffer in silence
  • Co-Parenting: after the introduction of Jack there was a focus in fanworks on Dean, Sam and Cas raising Jack together, which to a degree mirrored canon
  • Wee!cest: it is not unusual to find stories that pull Cas into the weecest narrative, these stories are almost always AUs with Cas being either a close friend of the pairing who starts a relationship with the brothers, or Cas being adopted by the Winchesters and being a third brother in a incestuous triangle
  • Threesome: their three way relationship is purely sexual
  • Polyamory V: occasionally the triad is written as V-type relationship, where Dean and Sam are both in a romantic/sexual relationship with Cas, but not with each other, thus avoiding wincest. This is sometimes referred to as WinCasWin



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