Caitlin Moran's Fic Stunt

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Event: Caitlin Moran's Fic Stunt
Date(s): December 2013
Fandom: Sherlock
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Caitlin Moran's Fic Stunt occurred in mid-December 2013 at a Sherlock promotional event. The event included a Q&A panel for the BFI following the screening of the newest Sherlock episode, due out New Year's Day 2014.

Caitlin Moran, a journalist and long-time writer for "The Guardian," demanded that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman read some Johnlock fanfic Moran found on the internet.

This conceptual approach (people vs. text) was discussed in fandom circles on tumblr. The overall perception among the fan community was that this was done to mock fans who wrote slash fanfiction.


Commentary Fanworks

  • I Ship It, Archived version by bomberqueen17 -- "And then the scandal broke with Caitlin Moran forcing the actors from Sherlock to read fanfiction featuring their characters-- *gasp* EROTIC fanfiction, HOMOEROTIC fanfiction, like it was the worst thing in the world-- and suddenly my strange left-field veer didn't seem so bad after all. So I'm publishing this, in honor of #noshameficathon on Tumblr. Because fuck shame." (December 20, 2013)