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Name: Caitlin Moran
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Occupation: journalist
Medium: online
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Caitlin Moran is a journalist and long-time writer for "The Guardian."

Moran is most known in fandom for an incident/stunt in which she demanded that Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman read some Johnlock fanfic she’d found on the internet at a promotional event. The event included a Q&A panel for the BFI following the screening of the newest Sherlock episode, due out New Year's Day 2014.

This conceptual approach (people vs. text) was discussed in fandom circles on Tumblr The overall perception among the fan community was that this was done to mock fans who wrote slash fanfiction.

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Tensions Between Acafans and For-Profit Commentary

In the academic world, different ethical rules apply to studying people (anthropology, ethnography or psychology) or studying texts (literary analysis, commentary or criticism). While these standards apply to only a small subset of people (acafans or academics who study fandom), a similar conceptual approach may help frame some of the ongoing debate within fandom about linking to public fandom posts. In other words, if fans are to be treated as research subjects (even by other fans), permission to link before discussing would be required. If fans are to be treated as content creators (stories, vids, and art), then permission to link before discussing would not be required.

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