The Learned Fangirl

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Title: The Learned Fangirl ("a critical look at pop culture and technology")
Commentator: Keidra Chaney, Raizel Liebler, Kristin Bezio, Vivian Obarski
Date(s): 2008-?
Medium: online
External Links: About The Learned Fangirl, Archived version
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The Learned Fangirl is a blog that "is committed to highlighting and nurturing under-reported writing focused on media, technology, and online culture by providing access and opportunity for women and people of color to publish media and cultural critiques that are too often ignored by the mainstream media. Free from the dictates of commercial pressure, TLF is dedicated to creating an independent media space, for underrepresented writers and critics to publish challenging critiques and research focused on mass media, technology and society in general. To further its mission to supporting the future development of writers’ careers, TLF, unlike most other similar online and print publications, is committed to writers retaining copyright in their work, allowing writers to further to grow ideas first sprouted at TLF."

For a 2016 interview with a focus of this blog, see OTW Guest Post: Keidra Chaney.