Blake's 7 Ficathon

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Name: Blake's 7 Ficathon
Date(s): August 2004
Moderator(s): AstroGirl
Founder: AstroGirl
Type: fanfiction exchange
Fandom: Blake's 7
Associated Community:
URL: B7 Ficathon Master List
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The Blake's 7 Ficathon was a fanfiction exchange held in August 2004, moderated by AstroGirl. It might have been the earliest livejournal-coordinated ficathon in the Blake's 7 fandom. In proposing the idea, AstroGirl stated that it was (to my knowledge) the first ever Blake's 7 Ficathon[1] and explained:

I was just thinking about how much I've enjoyed participating in story-challenge projects like the Farscape ficathon and lamenting the fact that (with the exception of the Other List's Labor Day Party) there really just isn't much of anything like that for Blake's 7.[2]

Stories were required to be 1000 words minimum.[1]


A total of 19 stories were written by 18 participants:


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