Nickey Barnard

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Name: Nickey Barnard
Type: author
Fandoms: Blake's 7
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Nickey Barnard (also sometimes Nicky & Nicola) is an author in the Blake's 7 fandom. She is considered among the earliest of the new wave of B7 writers who emerged in the mid 1990s.


Una McCormack places Nickey among a small group of B7 authors "who take the source material and from it produce something first class that is uniquely inventive yet profoundly evocative of the series, and of a standard that should make professional writers weep."[1]

Nickey's most influential work is 'Haunted', published in the fanzine Pressure Point, which explores the repercussions of the child molestation charges laid against Blake. Tavia describes it as one of the fandom's "unforgettable, stand-out pieces of fiction ... which make one look differently at the series afterwards."[2] 'Haunted' was nominated for a STIFfie award in 1999.[3]

The majority of her work appeared in printzines, including Deliverance, Forbidden Star 2, I, Mutoid, Liberator Popular Front Newsletter, Oracle, Pressure Point, Rebel, Stadler Link, Star Four, Tales from Space City, TTBA, and Zenith.

Her work was also published in the Aquitar Files, one of the earliest webzines.

Barnard also wrote Starsky & Hutch and Professionals poems and fiction for the multi-fandom zine, Bullet

Most is not currently available online.


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