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Name: Bette Kane
Betty Kane
Mary Elizabeth "Bette" Kane
Title/Rank: Bat-Girl
Batwoman ("Titans Tomorrow")
Location: Gotham City,
Status: alive
Relationships: Katherine Kane (aunt/cousin), Dick Grayson (Batfamily), Bruce Wayne (Batfamily), Tim Drake (lover in "Titans Tomorrow")
Fandom: Batman, DC Comics, Teen Titans, Young Justice (cartoon), Teen Titans Go
Other: Wikipedia
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Bette Kane is a DC Comics character.


The original Bat-Girl first appeared in Batman #139 (April 1961) as Betty Kane, the niece of Kathy Kane, also known as Batwoman. After discovering her aunt's dual identity, Betty convinced Batwoman to train her as her sidekick.

Bat-Girl appeared seven times between 1961 and 1964, but then disappeared in 1964 (along with Batwoman, Ace the Bat-Hound, and Bat-Mite) when new Batman editor, Julius Schwartz, decided she and other characters were too silly. Later in the 1970s Batwoman and Bat-Girl were revived and were regarded to have been inactive for several years. Bat-Girl became a member of the Teen Titans West.

Though "Bat-Girl" does not exist in the post-Crisis universe, her TT team did; therefore, a new version of the character was necessary. In Secret Origins Annual #3 (1989), the official post-Crisis history of Titans West was revealed. Instead of Betty Kane's Bat-Girl, fans were introduced to a similar character called Mary Elizabeth "Bette" Kane, also known as Flamebird. This was an in-joke, as the team of "Nightwing and Flamebird" had a history in the Silver Age continuity as a pair of supporting characters in the Superman books.

Flamebird appeared in Infinite Crisis to fight Superboy-Prime. In this storyline, it was indicated that Flamebird had originally been the Earth-Two counterpart to Bat-Girl, and that after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Flamebird had replaced Bat-Girl on the sole remaining Earth.


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Betty is probably best known for being the "lost-forgotten" Batgirl since the comics got rid of her in 60s and revived her in the 70s to only to get rid of her again. And her "Bat-Girl" persona was considered rebooted where her name is changed to "Flamebird" (again due to Dick Grayson's name update to Nightwing which he got from the Superman's Krypton stories of "Nightwing and Flamebird"). And she's been bounced around from Batman to Teen Titans to Detective Comics and the Batwoman titles. She's also "retired" from being a superhero a few times since her return.


Bette is mainly shipped with the other Batfamily members, especially Jason Todd and Dick Grayson. She's also been shipped with Roy Harper.



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