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Science Fiction Convention
Name: Astra*Con
Dates: July 2–4, 1977 OR December 30-January 2, 1978 OR not at all
Location: Sheraton-Boston Hotel, at the Prudential Center
Organization: Boston Star Trek Association and Binary Star Productions
Founding Date:
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Astra*Con was a 1977 science fiction con that may or may not have occurred.

flyer printed in WARPed MIND #31 (fall of 1976)
It was billed as:
The first Astra*Con, a convention/conference dedicated to educational ideals, as well as to the aspects of fandom. Astra*Con will feature lectures, speeches, and seminars, as well as traditional convention functions, such as movies, an art room, a masquerade ball, and a multitude of guests. Some subjects to be discussed include: UFOs, astronomy, the Space program, science fiction -- print/visual, the Bermuda Triangle, genetic engineering, and moon colonies. Confirmed guest are: Ed Bishop from the TV series, UFO, and Howard Weinstein, science fiction writer. Tentatively confirmed guests are Nick Tate from SPACE:1999, David Gerrold, author of WHEN HARLIE WAS ONE, and THE MAN WHO FOLDED HIMSELF, and multiple Hugo award nominee, and possibly Isaac Asimov (if he is at all able to come).[1]


A 1977 Blurb

WE INTERRUPT THIS NEWSLETTER to bring you a commercial announcement. ASTRA*CON, the first convention to be organized by members of your very own BSTA, is an experiment unique among science fiction conventions. Scheduled for December 30-January 2, 1978, at the Sheraton-Boston Hotel, it combines the best features of all your favorite past cons with the special flavor of the New Year's Holiday. We'll have guests like David Gerrold, Hal Clement and Joan Winston - plus films, hucksters, an art show, and special features, all under the Chairwomanship of the estimable Mary Hartery. It will be a veritable Poseidon Cruise of SF cons. (On New Year's Eve we turn the hotel upside-down and everyone will have to climb up to the basement.) ASTRA*C0N tickets are $10. They can be purchased, and further information obtained, by writing to Binary Star Productions, P.O. Box 200, Worcester, Ma. 01602. Please enclose a SASE with all correspondence.[2]

Clues of a Failure to Launch

  • the date was changed at least one
  • the fan club's sponsor suffered a number of set backs during this time: the folding of it's newsletter WARPed MIND and the cessation of its fiction/art zine Avatar
  • general chaos due to the fan club's turmoil and refocus


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