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Name: artisticentropy
Alias(es): Shi Ryuu, Artistic Entropy
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Tolkien, Slayers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Saiyuki, GetBackers, Weiß Kreuz, Trigun, Gargoyles
InsaneJournal / LiveJournal
HP fan art @ DeviantArt / TQP / daily_deviant
DeviantArt for other fandoms
Shi Ryuu at FanFiction.Net
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artisticentropy, also known as Shi Ryuu, is a fan best known for her Harry Potter fanart. She has also created fanart and written fanfiction in Tolkien and a number of other fandoms.

Fannish History

In a 2007 interview for a Harry Potter archive, she wrote:

"I've been drawing all of my life. I've always done it. My middle finger on my right hand is a little curved from where I rested pencils or crayons or whatever on it so often as I was growing up. *L* sorry, that's probably TMI. I started doing fanart in middle school for a show called 'Gargoyles' Anyone remember that? I also did Tolkien fanart for years before the movies even came out. I didn't get into HP fanart until about two or three years ago, but I really enjoy this fandom and intend to stick around for a while. :)"

In 2003, she started the Yahoo! Group ShiRyuu for her fanwork. The group contained fanfiction, fan art, and fancomics/doujinshi in a variety of fandoms.[1] She started her website,, in April 2004. She attended the 2004 Anime Central convention, where she sold art prints and merchandise.[2]

artisticentropy got involved with Harry Potter fandom around 2005. In December 2007, she was selected as the Artist of the Month at the Harry Potter archive The Quidditch Pitch, for which she also gave an interview. In 2007 and 2008, she was a regular poster at Daily Deviant. She also participated in the Snarry Games.


The majority of artisticentropy's Harry Potter fanart can be found at her website, and her non-HP artwork can be found at her shiryuu DeviantArt account. Some of her adult art can be found at daily_deviant, including two fancomic collaborations with r_grayjoy.

Fanart Use Policy

To a 2006 inquiry about using her fanart for icons, artisticentropy responded:

"sure, :) you can do whatever you like with [the art], as long as it's credited. ^^ I'm not picky about my work."[3]

Sample Work


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