Quidditch Pitch Interview with Artistic Entropy

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with Artistic Entropy
Interviewee: Artistic Entropy
Date(s): December 2007
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview at TQP; reference link
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In 2007, Artistic Entropy was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch as the Artist of the Month for November.

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Some Excerpts

I really like drawing Harry. His hair is so fun to do because it's all over the place with fun highlights and shadows. Dark hair also does best with my cg-technique. I'm a bit obsessed with Harry's hair. ^^;; I also like drawing Snape because his face has so much character, and Tonks is a lot of fun, though I don't get to draw her very often.
I'm actually really inspired by wood-block prints - especially Japanese wood blocks by the masters like Hokusai. I don't shy away from true black like a lot of artists do. I like the textile like quality you can get by doing a simple brush pattern on true black. I'm a huge fan of contrast high contrast and use of negative space.
I don't really have [an OTP]. I usually read genfic, actually. ^^;; When I read pairing fics, it's usually Harry/Snape, Draco/Harry, Lucius/Harry, Lucius/Narcissa. I also really like the Ron/Hermione pairing, though I don't usually read fics with that as the center point. I'll read pretty much any pairing if I like the two main characters a lot. :) As for drawing pairings, I'll try anything. I really like attempting character combinations I haven't tried before.
I've been drawing all of my life. I've always done it. My middle finger on my right hand is a little curved from where I rested pencils or crayons or whatever on it so often as I was growing up. *L* sorry, that's probably TMI. I started doing fanart in middle school for a show called "Gargoyles" Anyone remember that? I also did Tolkien fanart for years before the movies even came out. I didn't get into HP fanart until about two or three years ago, but I really enjoy this fandom and intend to stick around for a while. :)
Cg-ing's the fun part! If I get a sketch into the computer, it'll probably end up colored pretty quickly. I usually do it all in a huge marathon run if I'm drawing directly into the computer. I might spend an hour or two getting the lines right on the tablet. If I am working from a paper sketch, I might draw something one day and color it the next day. I usually spend about 4 to 6 hours on an average piece. For commission or fest work though, I like to work on it in increments and spend months or weeks working out all the kinks – as much time as I'm allowed to get it perfect.
I love Snape. There are a lot of characters that I really enjoy, but Snape is definitely my favorite all around. He's such a complex "real" character full of flaws as well as good character traits. I just find him really interesting. I like Moody too, for the same reasons – well that, and Moody is incredibly fun to draw with that wonky eye!