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Name: Anime Central
Dates: 1998-ongoing
Frequency: Annual
Location: Rosemont, Illinois, USA
Organization: Midwest Animation Promotion Society
Founding Date: 1998
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Anime Central, commonly called ACen, is an annual anime/manga convention held in Rosemont, Illinois. It has grown from 1,203 attendees in 1998 to 32,653 attendees in 2018.[1]


In 2019, an artist named blushsprout who was selling in ACen's Artist Alley posted on Twitter that she noticed another booth was selling copies of her designs, as well as other counterfeit/bootleg goods. She also reported the offending booth to ACen. The tweet gained the attention of con staff, and the artist reported that "staff approached me at my table with no warning and gave me the ultimatum to either delete my “viral” tweet about the counterfeits of my OWN work being sold in their exhibit hall, or pack up my belongings & leave". She chose to delete the tweet rather than leave.[2]

ACen's Exhibit Space manager later posted on Facebook that the reason staffers gave blushsprout this ultimatum was because the tweet was causing the sellers at the other booth to be harassed.[3]


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