Archaeology 101

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Title: Archaeology 101
Publisher: Solo Ventures
Editor(s): Shirley "Ty" Barrett
Date(s): 1981-1985
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Indiana Jones
Language: English
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Archaeology 101 is a gen Indiana Jones anthology.

Its Beginning

"The first Indiana Jones zine announces the production of issue #1. Contents include 'T, 'Whiplash' by Ty Barrett, and 'Wind Chill' by T.R. de Maiffe. Art by Cherie Bucheim, Betsy Peed, Neal Andrews." [1]

"Join Dr. Indiana Jones as his adventures take him from the classroom to exotic locations, from his past to his future." [2]

A Flip Over Zine

The third issue of "Archaeology 101" is also the same zine as Conflicting Impulses #2. The reader flipped it over to read the other contents. This is not the case for issues #1 or #2.

Issue 1

Archaeology 101 1 was published in October 1981 and contains 48 pages. It has art and cartoons by Neal Andrews, Cherie Buchheim, Jane Facher, Kaifah, Leo, Martynn, Betsy Peed, Cathy Romero, and Kathy Retz.

flyer for issue #1
  • From the Dig (editorial) (4)
  • Snake Pit (letters of comment) (7)
  • Upon Seeing Raiders by Mary Urhansen (12)
  • One Summer in Connecticut by P. Johnpoll (14)
  • From the Thoughts of a Frenchman by D.C. Arian (17)
  • Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Tiger Throne (part one) by D.C. Adrian (There are 236 different kinds of non-poisonous snakes in Burma, but this fact doesn't not deter our intrepid Dr. Jones from following Roger Forrestal to the jungles of Indo-China.) (18)
  • Marion by Devin Alann Scott (30)
  • Wind Chill (part one) by T.R. de Maiffe (There are no ancient cities in the Arctic, but an ancient Eskimo legend from a man from the sky lures Indy to a snowbound world of pitiless men and savage beasts.) (33)
  • Aaron's Ceremonial Robes in Biblical Facts by D.C. Arian (an article about Belloq's ceremonial robes) (47)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I enjoyed the first issue although I thought it a little slim. Here's hoping future issues contain more on our favorite archaeologist. I enjoyed everything in it, especially Mary Urhausen's poem, which hits the nail right on the head. When she gets finished with Mr. Ford's twin brother, do you think she'd lend him out? Martynn's illo on the following page is fabulous as usual.

I'm not a real fan of continued stories. I prefer to have the whole thing when I can find out what happens, just in case I happen to miss an issue (heaven forbid!) This does occur when the need to buy oats for my horses supercedes my desire to find out how the story ends.

However, the first part of "Tiger Throne" has provided a reasonable, believable background for the story. Not only do I want to find out what happens, but I want to know lady's reaction when he sees the lady's tattoo. I mean, it isn't every day you meet a woman with a snake tattooed on her arm! A Hell's Angel maybe, but not a female archaeologist. Also, it will be nice to learn more about Forrestal, who came to such a bad end in South America.

The second story (("Wind Chill")) is fiendishly designed to hook anybody with any kind of Ford fixation. I mean, the meeting of the century is about to occur here. Hopefully part two is as well written as part one, and the ending won't be incredibly dumb, Han Solo meets Indiana Jones, and the results of that meeting are worth the price of the second issue alone as far as I'm concerned.

Neat touch having Sealham call the frozen remains "Jeremy". I chuckled over that one for awhile. And if Mrs. Sealham got flustered just by being close to Indy, what will she do with two of them there? I'd settle for just one—either one! [3]

Archaeology 101 #2 is wonderful. I especially enjoyed Devlin Alann Scott's "Raiders of the Lost Continuity" though I feel the following numbers can be explained: 5, 9, 11, 12, 18, 25, 27, 29, 33, 37, 39, 50, 62, 75, 76. How many times did Devlin see Raiders? ((I believe 25 or so times. Our group—Dev, myself, Retz, Arian, Buccheim, and a few non-zine people —usually sees it together, and my viewings are around 25. We lost count. —Ed.)) What eyes! Continuity is important , but showing someone taking a handkerchief out of a pocket just isn't important most of the time.

Funny cartoons and nice illos. Being a Garfield fan, I am especially fond of page 63.[4]
Enjoyed "Raiders of the Lost Continuity" by Devlin Scott. I thought I was losing my marbles when I noticed some discrepancies and my companions would look at me like I was crazy! Now I know better. I would like to see and read his ones from SW and ESB.[5]

I'm addressing this to the entire staff, 'cause I want all of you to know how much I enjoyed Archaeology 101 #1. I got it last Friday and had devoured it by that evening. And, that's my only complaint about it—it's far too short! Yes, I realize it's a premier issue and will probably grow in the future, but that didn't stop me from wanting more, more, MORE! You've got a good thing going, gals, and I just hope it continues far into the future.

Well, what did I like about the issue? Actually, what didn't I like, that is, besides the fact that it was short?! 1 suppose you could say I didn't like the serial format, but that's only 'cause I'm dying to find out what happens next in those stories!!! It's not fair that we have to wait several months between issues!! ...Heh, heh, you certainly are devious, aren't you?! Loved Mary Urhausen's poem. While I didn't see Raiders quite that many times in that short a time period, I think seeing it 28 times to date sort of puts me in her league! Had a good chuckle over the Nazi cartoon, too. And liked Leo's contributions, also. One question, though: what's that thing supposed to be behind Indy in the "Fangs for the Memories" cartoon—just a rock, or something more significant? Obviously I didn't recognize it immediately as anything, and still don't! ((Neither do I.—Ed.)) Also loved the "Cut!" illustration. Everytime I see the movie, I always tell Frank to be careful and not shoot the star, 'cause there's still lots more movie to come! I always tell Indy not to take the sand out of the bag in the Peruvian temple, but the thick-headed lunk never listens to me! *sigh* Some men are soooo dense!! *giggle* Okay, let's get on to the 3tories. Oh, wait, let me get one more thing about illos and other odds and ends off my chest first (no, Harrison, you can stay, just give me a little room 30 I can breathe). While I adore Martynn's illos, I thought her Indy was just a little too young, and a little too clean—he needed a bit more beard. Yes, I realize that the photo she based it on is a fairly "clean" shot of Indy, but she could have grubbed him up a little. He looked about 20 years old, too—far too young. Oh, well, t really shouldn't complain, since my illos would look like Spielberg's initial sketches for his storyboards!

[a huge section on grammatical errors snipped]

'Nuf of that. On to "Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Tiger Throne." That looks like it's developing into something very interesting. Tyler Morgan looks like she might have an interesting run-in with Indy (I hope, I hope!). Oh, yes, another nit-pick, but her skin decoration should be spelled with two "t's"—tattoo I Hiruum, wonder where she got it? Will we find out in future installments, or isn't it pertinent to the story? I suspect it's the latter, but I'm still interested to know. I know, patience, patience! I'm a secretary, not a doctor! Oh, sorry, wrong universe!! (I can't recall if I've actually read it or if D.C. only told me, but I believe it comes out later—about both tattoos.—Ed.)) Oh, yeah, why did you forget to put the author's name with the "Marion" poem? An oversight? Let's shape up there, group!! Fortunately, it was on the title page so I could check it out. Nice imagery there, and just what Indy should be thinking. ((I left the name off purposely—with Dev's permission —so the layout of the spread wouldn't be set off-balance by printing at the bottom, a problem I didn't have with the title.—Ed.))

Okay, on to "Wind Chill"—I love stories that combine universes, and I'm most anxious to see how the author carries this off! I have to admit that one of the first things I do is go through a zine and check out the artwork, read the cartoons and other short things, and then do the stories last. Sooo, I sorta knew that Indy seemed to be finding Han in the carbonite, judging from the illo at the end of the story, but by the same token, it took my a while to catch on to "Jeremy"—I can be rather dense sometimes myself!! I figured that it was just the Han "statue" that was the "man from the sky", but obviously I was wrong (I rarely win at trying to outguess authors, but that doesn't stop me from trying).[6]

Issue 2

Archaeology 101 2 was published in 1983 and contains 70 pages.

cover of issue #2

The art is by Ann Shelby (front cover), Tim, Laury Barnes, Ty Barrett, Cherie Buchheim, Doug Fregoe, Leo, Betsy Peed, Kathleen B. Retz, Cathy Romero, Ann Shelby, and Susan Sprouse.

Items by "Rechin & Parker" "have previously appeared in the local newspaper. They are used here only so others may see them. Copyright infringement is unintentional."

  • From the Dig (editorial) (4)
  • Snake Pit (letters of comment) (7)
  • Reflections by Christine Jeffords (18)
  • A Colourful Tale by Devline Alann Scott (What could a young Marion possibly give Abner fro his birthday present that would anger him?) (21)
  • Trivia Quiz by Ty Barrett and Devlin Alann Scott (23)
  • Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Tiger Throne, part two by D.C. Adrian (27)
  • Wind Chill, part two by T.R. de Maiffe (37)
  • Raiders of the Lost Continuity by Devlin Alann Scott (47)
  • Archaeology by Auriette Hahn (53)
  • Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Tiger Throne, part three by D.C. Adrian (55)
  • Notes From Hitler—1936, cartoon by Auriette Hahn (64)
  • Trivia Answers (65)
  • Artifacts (ads) (67)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

"Tiger Throne", well of course it's half my child, so it must come first...looks wonderful. ... "Wind Chill", wonderful as always, the detail of the plot a joy. Usually I frown and scream foul on a split universe when proposed in a serious fashion. But a good storyline and concise writing can turn a person's opinions about.

"A Colourful Tale" was delightful, and J.R. Dunster's work a masterpiece. I wonder if Abner is fond of George Killian's brew? (Christopher Plummer?) I enjoyed it; wouldn't Joe Johnston die?! [7]

I really enjoyed the second issue of Archaeology 101. These continued stories are getting better all the time. They really are cliff hangers.

We left Indy somewhere in Burma, —- and by a crocodile. Have to have issue three to find out if he winds up as an entree. What's really been puzzling me tho' is—is the crocodile god actually named Izod, or is that an in joke?

The Indiana Jones-Han Solo story is developing nicely. The big question is, if Indy gets Han back to civilization, what does he do with him then? Be interesting to find out what happens.

I loved the "Holy Grail" cartoon. I thought it was hilarious, especially when the keeper of the bowl turned out to be Garfield. He sure looks like a vicious litle critter. He reminds me of one of my cats when it comes to his dinner dish. I couldn't answer all the questions in the quiz, altho' I tried valiantly. Still I found it interesting. As for the continuity piece, I never notice flaws or mistakes until I've see the movie at least three times. Usually I try to ignore them. I did read the article tho' to see which ones I missed in my repeated viewings of Raiders.

Anyhow, I thought issue two was another fine effort.[8]
I enjoyed Archaeology 101 #2 very much. I liked "Tiger Throne" parts two and three. I agree with Indy about writing him out of the river—can't let him catch a cold there. "Reflections" was good, up to Chris' normally fine standards. "Wind Chill" part two was excellent—so nice to have the alien from another planet not understand for a change! (It's so much simpler for the writer when they are...) Also liked "Notes From Hitler" and as to the trivia quiz—you and Devlin certainly don't believe in easy. Wow! [9]
I have finally got around to finding time for Archaeology 101 #2. It was good! Naturally. But really, must you continue to continue the stories? Then you gave no notice on III—there is going to be a three isn't there? I can't hang on the front of this speeding truck forever!!! [10]
#2 is EXCELLENT!!! I love it! (Even if I did have to go back to #1 to read the beginnings of "WC" and "TT" .before I could read the current installments !) The cartoons and artwork are the best yet—everyone deserves a big round of applause. And no matter how much we kid you about the "tardiness" of these zines, Ty, we appreciate the amount of work that goes into them. 1 know it's a monumental job—but the results sure show the effort! [11]

Thanks immensely for the copy of 101 #2. Terribly entertaining. Just love it. All of it. The serials are worth the wracked nerves and sleepless nights they inflict, especially "Wind Chill". T.R. de Maiffe is thoroughly amazing! The illos for this are lovely—-I especially loved that juxtaposed Han and Indy.

Where do you find your cartoonists? Just when I thought that nobody could top Snoopy and the Sopwith Camel doing a flyby in Empire Review #4, the Ark turns up with an answering machine! Just like McDonald's—you can't get away from 'em, can you? ((The idea for that cartoon was mine. The person who illoed it is the brother of a roommate of a guy who used to work where I work. I was told he was a good artist, so I gave him the idea and some photos to work from (he hadn't seen the film). He thinks the art isn't that great, but I love it, too.-—Ed.)) [12]

Issue 3

cover of "Archeology 101" #3

Archeology 101 #3 was published in May 1985 and contains about 40 pages.

It is not a separate zine, but instead part of the zine Conflicting Impulses #2.

It was edited by Kathleen B. Retz and Shirley "Ty" Barrett, the latter gafiates in her editorial.

From the editorial, Kathy Retz:

Well, I can't believe it! It's the night before going to press, only 7:40 pm, and all I have left is this, page numbering, and the Contents. Mark this down, folks— it's a first!

If you don't know already, this is Kathleen Retz talking to you, live, from sunny San Diego, stepping in for Ty Barrett as editor of this tome. Shirley gets her two cents later, now it's my turn.

I had my doubts about taking this. I mean, it takes me two years to get one zine out, how the hell am I supposed to get two out? I came up with the idea several weeks after committing myself (Hello, Bellvue?) of putting them "Jack and Jill" styles-back to back. Not only does this mean no back cover, but only one record of who bought what, etc. This also gives you collectors a break in the price, since printing costs are lower in one job compared to two. Okay, next was deciding what I would change... Surprisingly little. Oh, sure, the layout will look different, but all the material was already chosen and typed, so all I did was coordinate the artist and my schedules and did the physical labor. The next issue will be all me. Let me know if you like this idea. It's this or A-101 included within the covers of CI. This is not that more work, in fact it's kinda fun as well as original.

Please don't let this zine peeter out. Next issue will have the conclusions of two stories and the start of another one I've been working en. Please submit! I don't want to be the principle writer anymore, I want be be an editor. Besides, I'm writing a book this summer as soon as this goes to press so I don't have time to edit and write zine stuff. Gimme, gimme!
From the editorial, Shirley "Ty" Barrett:

I have been asked to jot a quick editorial for Archaeology 101. For any of you who have wondered why I've dropped out of fandom, I'll try to explain. Mainly, it began to take up too much of my time. All I'd do each day was go to work, come home, work on the zines, and go to bed. Now for some editors this may have been enough. For me it wasn't. I found I was getting lost in the fantasy world. I wasn't doing anything for me. It was either for the customers at work or else the eager readers. I wasn't accomplishing anything in my life. Some of you may think that's selfish, I call it looking out for numero uno. And in the long run that's what we all have to do because no one is going to do it for us.

The following people have either original art or stats with me. Please SASE me for further info or send an envelope (8. x 11 will do) plus adequate postage for their return: [list of people and addresses redacted] Unless stated, art is original, not copied or stats. If you aren't sure of what art you have with me, please SASE. I will not pay for any postage out of my own pocket. I cannot afford to do so. I will not send anything back UPS since I no longer live near them. Any items not claimed by the end of June 1985 will be tossed out. If any of you reading this have any contact with someone mentioned here, please pass this message along in case they don't read it. As of the above date I will no longer be responsible for art left with me.

Fandom was fun while I was in it. Aside from the financial and time-consuming aspect of it, I was recently made aware of another reason why I dropped out. With the special release of all three SW movies together at selected locations, a fan was quoted as saying, in regards to waiting in line for the films, "It's like waiting to see God." When the border between fantasy and reality is indistiguishable, when all perspective is lost, it's time to reevaluate things and wake up. Movies are movies, mere entertainment, not gods, and neither are their "creators." Mortal men, as capable of error as any flesh and blood being, not people to be praised on high like some holy diety. You might as well worship television, Sony, Quasar, GE. Each person is his or her own god (small "g") and no one should worship another because you are no better or worse than the person next to you, myself included. Keep all things in perspective and do what's right for you if it doesn't harm another. --Shirley

[Kathleen adds: Whoa, I didn't read that until I typed it just now. I knew she felt this way, but not quite this strongly. Don't worry folks, she still likes going to movies, she's just not into "active fandom" any longer. Having known her for four years, I saw this coming a long time ago. Well, this is all the blathering we're going to do, turn the page and enjoy!]
  • From the Dig, editorial (2)
  • Cherie's Editorial (4)
  • Snake Pit, LoCs (5)
  • cartoon by Kathleen B. Retz (10)
  • Windchill, part 3 by T.R. deMaiffe, illoed by Cherie Buchheim (11)
  • Snakes by T.R. deMaiffe (21) (essay on Indiana Jones)
  • cartoon by Cherie Buchheim (22)
  • Indiana Jones and The Quest For The Tiger Throne, Part 4 by D.C. Arian, illoed by Cherie Buchheim(38)
  • cartoons by Kathleen B. Retz (38)
  • cartoon by Cherie Buchheim (40)
  • Snakes by T.R. deMaiffe (21) (essay on Indiana Jones)
  • cartoon by Cherie Buchheim (22)
  • Indiana Jones and The Quest For The Tiger Throne, Part 4 by D.C. Arian, illoed by Cherie Buchheim(38)
  • cartoons by Kathleen B. Retz (38)
  • cartoon by Cherie Buchheim (40)


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